Finely Aged

Press:Ellora's Cave
Publication Date:2009-10-02
Author Name:Ruth D Kerce


Young Stud by Ruth D. 
Kerce Forty-two-year-old Kathryn is rebuilding her life after a divorce.
Now living in an apartment and working two jobs, she's too busy for anything more than casual dating or friendship.
Thirty-one year old Ryce - a former soldier and now an internet entrepreneur - has other ideas.
He's wanted Kate since he first saw her.
After knowing her for a year and becoming good friends, he's ready for something more.
Much more.
It's time for Ryce to get Kathryn naked and show her just what a young stud can do for her.
9 ½ Years by Cheryl Dragon Officer Eric Duncan knows just when to pounce.
Whether it's a criminal or the sexy Lt.
Lisa Zimmer.
For three years she's brushed him off as too young.
Her advice - date women in your own decade! But Eric has done his own detective work and for a few months they'll both be in their thirties.
It takes skill and self-control to get her off in a public place but she no longer doubts their chemistry.
Working together on a case proves the problems she feared are real but he doesn't want to work with her.
Eric must convince Lisa that they can have their careers and a passionate relationship.
What's nine and a half years when the sex is this good? Love Thy Neighbor by Amy Ruttan David Craig has fantasized about the same woman for two years, a woman fifteen years his senior.
He's tried everything to forget her since his fateful visit that summer she moved in next door to his parents.
Now he has to go back for his sister's wedding and he discovers the woman he's tried to forget is now single.
When her ex-husband leaves her for a younger woman Beverly finds herself alone, forgotten and in a slump.
That is, until David Craig returns to town.
Seducing David is exactly what she needed, she just never counted on the intensity of the feelings she has for him and he has for her.
Maybe there is truth to the old adage of "Love Thy Neighbor".
Built to Last Sierra Dafoe Forty-year-old Ginny Chase is a nationally syndicated

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