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101 Best Websites for Kids

Press:New Amer Library Consumer Guide (September 1, 1999)
Author Name:Meers, Trevor/ Caldwell, Tony (ILT)


Book by Consumer Guide editors


Children's Books,Computers & Technology,Internet,Networking & Cloud Computing,Internet, Groupware, & Telecommunications

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  •     The little "smilie" in my title is a "clown smilie" -- giving happy testament to the "circus motto titling" I have given this review!< : )This book, Consumer Guide('s) 101 Best Web Sites For Kids, by Trevor Meers, is one of a few with the same title, and almost the same authors, presently available on Amaon. This title only, however, has the cover pictured, and is the one that I own. I can't say anything about the others -- but I know that THIS item is top-notch! (Which is a delight for me to be able to report. I never did like Consumer's Guide Magazine, found it far inferiour to Consumers Reports Magazine. But that was many years ago. The quality of this book gives me hope that Consumer's Guide Magazine itself has changed --- for the better!)It has been said that the chief goal in life should be, "To die young -- as late as possible." Dr. Robert Schuller has said that some people are born old, and stay old -- others are born young and stay young. The difference? Ageing, says Dr. Schuller, consists mainly of only One thing: Hardening of the ATTITUDES!Therefore, this book, I feel, should, perhaps, be entitled: 101 Best Web Sites For Kids OF ALL AGES! The computer, itself, can keep a person's mind young, questing, curious and even slightly mischievious -- all the good things that add a twinkle to one's eye, and a positive attitude which, hopefully, is "contageous" for others, as well.So, though this book IS geared toward "younger" children, (those up to 18), us "older" kids can also learn much from all the websites listed within:In this book is the following Table of Contents:Introduction: What Is The Internet?By Kids, For KidsHomework HelpersOnline ActivitiesExplore The WorldIdeas for Real LifeNames You KnowMultiMedia ResourcesGlossaryIndex (Some index listings are subdivided, giving even more information!)Each website is described on one full page. On top, in big letters, is given a descriptive title of the website, followed by the URL, in smaller letters. The body of the page describes what the website is, and what you can expect from it, and do on it. Playful illustrations, by TONY CALDWELL, are are many, but not all pages, and add to the sense of fun and adventure awaiting those who go to websites mentioned in this book. At the bottom of many, but not all pages, are links for that website.All in all, this book packs a lot of fun and knowledge into a very small space. But that's what the Internet does, as well, doesn't it? Give this book to any child, (of ANY age!) Even yourself! You will spend many happy hours exploring the "further reaches of cyberspace", with this little volume as your guide!...........................POST - SCRIPT...........................The print is nice and large and easy to read. Unfortunately, thePaper stock is NOT of the best. It's not the worst paper stock either...but I do wish it were better. Too many books are sadly printed on the inferiour paper this book is printed on -- and often, on far worse paper. Until all publishers use better paper in their volumes, (which paper is NOT more expensive to buy -- but the processing equipment for higher-grade, non-sulphite paper is different, and must be purchased anew) -- buy yourself some red, orange, or yellow magic marker, and cover the outside edges of the pages of this, and other books like it, with them. The coloured edges act as a barrier to sunlight and deterioration, much as is sometimes done with putting orange or yellow plastic sheets in department-store windows. It is a pity this must presently be done, and I urge all book manufacturers to invest in the processing equipment, and USE NON-SULFITE PAPER FOR THEIR BOOKS! Your customers will recognize and appreciate quality -- and perhaps buy even more books from you, because of it! Brighten up!

  •     This book is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and children who are new to the world of the web and even for those who are not. It is precise and straightforward. Children as well as adults will find it useful. When a fellow teacher let me borrow her copy (for a short time only) she allowed me a peek into the wonderful, safe, opportunities available for children on the web. There are homework sites, game sites, craft sites, and many, many others. It is a resource for all ages.


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