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Web Design for Babies 2.0: Geeked Out Lift-the-Flap Edition

Press: Code Babies; Ltf Brdbk edition (November 23, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-11
Author Name:Vanden-Heuvel, John C.; Turdera, Cristian;


In this one-of-a-kind book, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript come to life to introduce basic code concepts to young children. 
With lift-the-flaps, bright colors, imaginative characters, and beautiful illustrations, children will be able to explore the interactive world of web design.
Perfect for both the fun gift giver and the serious coder who wants to give their child or relative an early start on code concepts, it makes otherwise intimidating web design friendly and accessible through the story of three school friends who work together to become code superheroes.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     This book is cute, not actually so appropriate for a young child but it gave the dad to be a good laugh.

  •     Awful, pointless book. The kind of gag gift you get for someone you don't really like (yes, I was given this as a gag gift).Go spend your $10 on a charity instead.

  •     Love the book.

  •     Great quality book.

  •     This book is really cute and I would absolutely recommend it for babies who have one or both parents working on websites.

  •     I loved the idea of a web design book targeting babies age 2-5. I thought it was innovative so I ordered this book. When it arrived and I read it, I found that the language used is NOT for babies for example HTML is defined as the structure of a web page. Couldn't they define it in more simple words and maybe some analogies that a baby might understand?But hey, you can use it for nursery decoration or a photoshoot.. If you are planning to teach your baby anything, forget it with this book!

  •     Sooo cute! Daddy is a computer tech

  •     This quickly became my 2-year-olds favorite book. Makes me proud :-)

  •     I am a nerd and I wanted to ready nerdy books out of fun to my baby so I got this. It is fun and the baby loves the pop outs it has in it.

  •     Thank you for the fast service! I have wanted to add this book to our baby book collection for the baby the husband and I are waiting to be blessed with through adoption.

  •     I bought this and was disappointed. The book has misspelled words and words that are repeated. Plus, it's pretty boring. Not a sturdy board book and the flaps are flimsy. Not worth it.

  •     Got this for my husband, a web designer and programmer, as a "new dad" gift. Expected it to be just a cute book that would get a laugh from dad, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it is extremely useful and informative. Will seriously be using this book to teach our son about programming and web design (once he is old enough to understand, of course!). Presented like a fun story, it teaches all the basics in an easy-to-understand and concise manner. The "lift-the-flap" feature is awesome, too. I highly recommend this book for any parent who wants to teach their little one about the web... not just for the "geek" parent who works in this industry. I wouldn't go so far as to say this book is for "babies", however, but would be great for young kids who can understand basic concepts and how they relate to one another.

  •     my son-in-law loved it for my grand daughter!

  •     I didn't expect this book to actually teach coding to babies, but I guess the final product doesn't offer too much more than the basic joke in the title. I thought there could be a really basic story arc, at least, separate from the web design concepts. But there's no story, just three cute characters who present themselves, but don't make any big accomplishment. The layout, as well, is really cluttered. Maybe they were limited by trying to fit all their ideas onto 12 pages, but there isn't really one clear thing to focus on for any given page.

  •     I'm really disappointed in this book. This book isn't written for babies by any stretch of the imagination. The presentation of it in a board book is about as baby as it gets.I was hoping for a fun little book to share with my 1.5 year old (she loves lift the flap books), but other than looking at the colors, there's not much for a child her age. The content is written at maybe an 8-10 year old level, talking about specific css functions and html tags. I expected more like "this is a tag, it has brackets!" "these are colors!" etc.

  •     Super cute gift for any nerd in your life.

  •     There are typos in this book, but more importantly, HTML and Javascript are guys and CSS is a girl?CSS: "I am the STYLE of a web page...


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