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Typing Time Text

Press: Cengage Learning; 1 edition (December 13, 2001)
Publication Date:2001-12
Author Name:Hoggatt, Jack P.; Shank, Jon;


Typing Time is a new addition to the incredibly successful line of South-Western keyboarding books and software. 
Appropriate for the Middle School beginner, Typing Time software (required) combines the latest technology with a superior and time-tested method of instruction to provide an all-in-one program covering letter keys, numbers and symbols, and numeric keypad basics.
Casey (main character in the software) leads students through the program as they experience animation, movies, and skillbuilding games.
Typing Time teaches correct finger placement, builds basic skills, then works on speed and accuracy.
Casey also leads the way through warm-up exercises and practice drills using the Typing Time full-featured word processor.
Typing Time can be used in a standalone 6-9 week course or as a module incorporated into a semester or year-long computer course.
The complementary textbook (soft-cover, top-spiral, easel back) includes 45 new-key, skillbuilding, and application lessons that correlate to the software.
Special features in the text include Writing Corner, Grammar Corner, Tech Talk, Proofreading Tip, and Computer Wiz.


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