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Streetwise League: Chapter II--The New Kid in Town

Press: Eloquent Books (November 24, 2010)
Author Name:Mwamba, Frank


Shawn is a talented soccer player and also the new kid in town. 
Cutting straight to the chase: He is already in a duel with Lil Sunny, tempted to go toe to toe with a troublemaker who considers Shawn an early morning punching bag.
A humiliated Shawn learns that even a simple competition has to be played with a "big heart," a warm-up match treated like a final.
But Shawn is an outsider and is ignorant of the rules of the streets.
He shows aggression to anyone who approaches him.
He's lost the ability to tell the difference between liars and those telling the truth.
See what happens when Shawn is caught in his own web in the Streetwise League.
Frank Mwamba is a writer and a renowned artist who grew up in South Africa and Australia.
He is currently writing the sequel to this novel and lives in Melbourne, Australia.
Publisher's website: http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/Streetwise League-ChapterII-TheNewKidInTown.html


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