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Battle for the Atlantic (Graphic Modern History: World War II)

Press: Crabtree Pub Co (January 30, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-2
Author Name:Jeffrey, Gary; Riley, Terry;


This exciting graphic novel recounts three historic sea battles in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II:


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  •     I like this book because each chapter shows you a battle from a different perspective. The beginning of the book tells about the history going into these battles. There's a good glossary, but no maps.The first is excellent because you get to be inside two German U-boats. You can see the tension and the fear. The submariners are aware of their danger. One U-boat got rammed and the captain lost his legs. Try not to faint. The U-99 was scuttled -- that was really interesting. The survivors were taken prisoner.The next chapter is a sea battle about hunting for the Bismarck (a German heavily armed battleship). Bismarck was capable of destroying HMS Hood, the pride of the British fleet, leaving only 3 surviviors. Churchill wanted to avenge the Hood. The British sent in a squadron of Fairy Swordfish bi-planes. The drawings are excellent! This chapter puts you right in the action. You get to see the Bismarck's captain, Ernest Lindemann, as he faces his doom.The next chapter takes place in the Arctic ocean -- the massacre of a convoy! The German Heinkel planes surprised the convoy and attacked. The convoy split up. Almost half of the resupply ships headed to Archangel, Russia sank -- 16 out of 41.The battles in this book were important because the resupply convoys in the Atlantic were vital to the war effort for the Allies. This was a really good book with minimum gore. It's good for kids to learn about this because we need to know about the bravery that happened in WWII. This book shows the Germans side, too. They were honorable enemies.

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