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The Parting (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Elsewhere Chronicles)

Press: Turtleback Books; Bound for Schools & Libraries ed. edition (November 1, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-11
Author Name:Nykko; Bannister; Bannister


Trapped in the dangerous world of ElseWhere, Rebecca, Noah, and Theo are possessed by the evils unleashed by the Master of Shadows.
Max and Grandpa Gabe may be their only hope of breaking free.
But it's a race against time.
The Master's plan to destroy both ElseWhere and our own world is in motion, and the hunt to find a new passageway home may come at a terrible cost.


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  •     the elsewhere chronicles is an otherworldly explorer adventure that consistently delivers a good read. It is not the BEST book on the market but it holds its own and continues to grow while other titles which may have been better; disappear to never be finished. This is a book no one will regret reading.

  •     Max stood under the eerie light of the sun at the opening to a massive cave. Grandpa Gabe was climbing up the face of the steep hill to meet him. No one really knew what evil lurked in the caves in the land of ElseWhere, but Max was determined to save his friends at all cost, even if it meant his death. Noah, Theo, and Rebecca were in there, but it was a foolhardy venture to attempt to save them. Grandpa Gabe insisted he put on a German helmet to protect himself and said, "Remember! You mustn't let any of that slime get on your skin." It was the "evener'astri kley," the tears of the dead. The Master of Shadows could be anywhere in those caves.Max had escaped from ElseWhere before, but this time he might not be so lucky and had to listen to Grandpa Gabe. Everything in the land seemed possessed and no sooner had they stepped over the threshold of the cave a massive bear charged them. "RRAWLLGRR!" The fight was on, but Grandpa Gabe knew what to do. In comparison, what lay ahead would dwarf the challenge this teddy bear had to offer. With the threat of the bear behind them Max looked up into the possessed face of Noah. It was as if he was living in the fantasy world he dreamed of when he raised his ax, ready to crush the skull of his friend. Noah's eyes had a weird florescent glow as he poised to strike. How could Max possible escape the land of ElseWhere, a land where everyone was possessed with an evil force? Would he die at the hands of the friend he came to rescue?Max and Grandpa Gabe are in a race against time to rescue everyone from the evil forces in the land of ElseWhere. This is the fifth in the series, "The ElseWhere Chronicles," an exciting new dramatic graphic novel series. It is exciting, riveting, fast-paced, but one thing it is not is a stand alone novel. Those who are into the series will be wowed by this action packed book as Max goes back into the land of ElseWhere to rescue his friends. The artwork is bold and eerily stunning as it shifts from dark to light and back again as the evil forces come and go as they surround those who dare enter the caves. If you want to walk through a door to a land you may not return from, you might want to take a look at the amazing "Elsewhere Chronicles!"This book courtesy of the publisher.

  •     Grandson loved it


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