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Marvel Universe Avengers: United (Marvel Adventures/Marvel Universe)

Press: Marvel (April 4, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-4
Author Name:Tobin, Paul; Son, Eugene; Caramagna, Joe


Rampaging robots run rampant as the Mad Thinker takes over Iron Man's armour, forcing Hawkeye to team up with Tony Stark to bring down the most sophisticated and deadly weapon in the world. 
Meanwhile, the tough and deadly Black Widow goes into action, protecting a secretive mystery man from the world's greatest assassins.


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  •     Fell apart, like most reviews, you would think it would stick together

  •     The book arrived yesterday and the first 3 pages already fell out.

  •     Avengers

  •     Binding fell apart after 3 days will not but this type again. Its too bad because my son loved it.

  •     I looked at A LOT of Marvel books to try and introduce my 8 year old to this world, and they were all either geared for really young kids just learning to read, or (what I thought) were too explicit with sex and violence which my 8 year old isn't ready for. The "Marvel Adventures" series have the only books I have found that are for a high reading level but don't have plot lines that are too mature. Super glad I found it! My son loves them!On a side note, the binding has fallen apart (pages falling out), which other people on Amazon have come across as well. I still think they're worth getting.

  •     Marvel Universe Avengers: United is very good. These books bring back the Silver Age of comics while still being up to date and entertaining. United also includes the first book of the Avengers consisting of Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Storm, Giant Girl, Hulk and Spider-Man. Which is a pretty good line up.

  •     (Note: The following review was written by a 15-year-old girl with a love for Marvel)This compilation was wonderful! It was my first comic from the Marvel Adventures line, and I was very happy with it. Like many reviewers, I noticed that the binding is low quality, but I'm not going to dock it stars off of that...enough people already have. Just remind the owner of it to be very careful, and I think it'll be alright. Aside from the poor binding, the quality of this comic is great! Clear printing and good paper. Some people complain about the words being too small, but they posed no problem for me.Now, onto the contents!This comic is about 96 pages long, and collects six different stories inside.When you open this you'll find Super Heroes #17, the first part being about Hawkeye and Iron Man's battle against a suit of rogue Iron Man armor. The second part of #17 is seemingly not connected to the first, and is about Black Widow protecting a classified agent. The art for each story in this collection is very different, except for the last two which are done by the same team.Then you go on to Super Heroes #19, the first part of which is about Thor and Loki. Loki is given the hammer Mjolnir and is put to the test, while Thor accompanies him. Part two follows Captain America and Ant Man on their day off, and Cap has managed to drag his fellow Avenger to the museum, though things might not be as peaceful as you might think...Now on to Marvel Adventures Avengers #1. The Avengers are up against Ultron in this one--and that's all the info I'll give on that!The final story is Marvel Adventures Avengers #2, in which the Avengers are fighting overgrown sea creatures. Could the Leader be involved somehow? I think so!I highly enjoyed this comic, though keep in mind these Marvel Adventure comics are intended for all-ages, so fans of mainstream Marvel might not be into these as much. They're fairly short stories, the first four only being between 9 and 12 pages each, but they're good.Thanks for reading my review!

  •     Our daughter started reading this book and within 2 days the pages were already coming out. There are no page numbers so we can't even paste it back together. Not recommended.

  •     Fell apart day one.


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