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Pokémon Adventures, Vol. 6 (2nd Edition)


Press: VIZ Media - Children's; 2 edition (April 6, 2010)
Author Name:Kusaka, Hidenori; Kusaka, Hidenori;


Adventures inspired by the best-selling Pokémon video games!All your favorite Pokémon game charactersjumpout of the screen into the pages of this action-packed manga! Pokémon trainer Red has vanished! Yellow Caballero and Pikachu's search leads them to the mysterious headquarters of the Elite Four on Cerise Island. 
Who has the baddest Pokémon around? There's only one way to find out...! And watch out for Team Rocket, Pikachu...
Are they your enemies or your allies now?


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     Good read full of twists and turns has no wear and came late.

  •     The kids love this book series, ages 8 and 11.

  •     why did comic characters thought yellow was a boy yellow look lik a girlbut the story is really interesting so i give it 5 strs

  •     luv pokemon

  •     This was a gift for my daughter. She loves this series.

  •     Thank you for the book it came in perfect.

  •     Came in great condition. Loved it

  •     I hate it

  •     Book came quickly. Book came new.

  •     Had some ripped pages but was otherwise in good condition

  •     This book continues on with the manga series. I've loved pokemon my whole entire life and had heard about the manga,but I never read it. SPOILER ALERT YELLOW IS THE LITTLE GIRL FROM VIRIDIAN FOREST WHO GOT THE RATTATA USING PIKA. Seriously though, I love this book just buy it already if u have read the other books in the series

  •     Kid found these when we where on vacation to read on the plan. Loves everything and anything pokemon, wants to collect everything they find.

  •     These books are so awesome and I would recommend them to any pokemon fan looking for something new to read.

  •     (Review by the 21 year-old brother of this account user)Frankly, I don't know why they haven't decided to make an Anime based on the Manga! The story is considerably darker, the characters have more personality to them, they stay as close to the original Video Game story as possible, and it's far less repetitive than the Anime. I'm glad that I decided to collect the entire Manga series!

  •     kids loved it.

  •     Happy to report no issues. Showed up before estimated.

  •     As stated.


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