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Speed (Fact to Fiction) (Fact to Fiction Grafx (Paperback))

Press: Perfection Learning (July 1, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-7
Author Name:Orme, David


Speed tells you everything you need to know about going fast. 
How fast can we go? On land? On water? In the air? In space? Are there impossible speed barriers? And what's the slowest thing ever? In the fiction story 'All About Speed' a rally driving lesson suddenly becomes very, very exciting.
Find out why.<br /><br />The Trailblazers series has been written for older children and young adults with a reading age of 5-8.
The books are suitable for general reading or as part of a more structured reading program.
Each book is on a strong, popular topic, with a colorful, attractive layout.
<br /><br />Each book has a non-fiction and a fiction section.
The fiction story appears in two formats - one with simple texts for poor readers; the facing pages contain an illustrated "speech bubble" version of the same story, for those who are just starting to learn to read.
These two levels of entry give access points for children and young adults with different reading ages.
The vocabulary of each book is carefully limited, with simple sentences to reinforce reading skills, which make the books suitable for even the poorest readers.<br />


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