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The Monster at the End of This Book: Sesame Street Story Vision

Press: Hinkler Books; Hardcover with DVD edition (August 1, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-8
Author Name:Hinkler Books PTY Ltd


Introducing Story Vision--an innovative new format that brings children's favorite books to life!  The package includes the classic title The Monster at the End of This Book, starring everyone's favorite Sesame Street resident--Grover! As well as the original book, there is a DVD in a special pop-out tray. 
The read-along DVD brings the pages of the book to life with special animation and voice-over.
Children can enjoy this set in any number of ways--they can read the book on its own, or watch the DVD by itself, or they can enjoy both together.
Perfect for at home or in the car.


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  •     This it's the best purchase I've made all year! The story itself is a classic, and the video is such a great addition. I wish I could find more dvd/book combinations like this. If you want to see this dvd and the response our gets from kids, there is a great video on youtube. Look it up :)

  •     My son loves this book!! He makes us read it to him over and over. Needless to say, he now also loves watching the dvd!

  •     great book and tape-I read the book to my son and noe I can watch the video and read the book to my granddaughter-timeless

  •     After reading reviews for this version and The Little Golden Book version I decided to buy this one because people said the size and hardcover would hold up better.

  •     I love this book I used to read it to my 25 year old son now I get to read it to my 3 year old daughter I bought the Grover doll to go along with it my kids read every page they...

  •     I borrowed this book from the Library and loved it. It is a wonderful fun story that is engaging for young children. I purchased this one as a birthday gift for a 3 year old. I would recommend this as an addition to every child's home library.

  •     My daughter loved this book.Brings back memories. Every child should experience this book Grover is so cute with his phrases.

  •     My kids absolutely love this book, and the dvd is so much fun! They have it memorized how Grover reads it to them on the dvd, and they read it out loud to themselves, sounds...

  •     We enjoyed this book with our children 30 years ago, and now we are enjoying the DVD version with our granddaughter.

  •     Loved this book so much when I was young, that I purchased it for Christmas for our two youngest children.

  •     This was one of my favorite bedtime favorites growing up, and I always give it as a gift for nieces/nephews/friends' kids whenever the occasion presents itself.I loved reading it to my nieces, all of whom were just as dramatic as I was at 3 to 5( and frankly, Grover too ). I relish seeing the surprise and laughter on their faces at the end of the book.I sent this particular version to my cousin, whose son was 4, and her younger daughter has since had the pleasure of performing some of her favorite quotes from the book.

  •     I read this book to my daughters many years ago, and in my airline travels over the years I've read and given copies of the book to several children. I'm now looking forward to reading it to my granddaughters. It's a fun read, as long as you put emotion into the reading. Have fun with it !!!

  •     This is my daughters favorite book! She loves reading along with the DVD.

  •     My children loved this book many years ago and I hope my grand daughters enjoy it just as much, even if they don't get to see Sesame Street any more.

  •     Bought this book for my 3 year old granddaughter. We rented it from the library and she was devastated when we returned it. I searched Amazon.com and we now own it. The first day it arrived we read and watched it 6 times. This book comes with a DVD to follow along with the book. The DVD makes the story even more exciting. The book is colorful and well grafted. We and she are completely happy with this purchase. We are very satisfied customers. Thank You!

  •     Bought this book about 30 years ago for one of my girls. Now that both of my girls are having babies I HAD to get a second book. (yes, we still have the original from way back when) It's one of those books that I just couldn't get rid of. Every child I've ever read this book to, loved it

  •     This is the most adorable story ever. The video is a nice accompaniment. My kids both love it!


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