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The Adventures of Marco Polo (Graphic History)

Press:Capstone Pr Inc Capstone Press (January 1, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-1
Author Name:Smalley, Roger/ Bascle, Brian (ILT)


Tells the story of Marco Polo's journey to China, describing some of the things he saw while in the service of Kublai Khan. 
Written in graphic-novel format.

About the Author

Roger Smalley is a Capstone Press author.


Children's Books,Comics & Graphic Novels,History,Education & Reference,History,Exploration & Discovery,Biographies,Historical

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Comment List (Total:5)

  •     This book is a good place to start for the young student who is assigned to write a report about Marco Polo. As part of the outstanding Capstone's Graphic History set, the story line jumps to life. The result is a fast-paced, short concise introduction to an interesting controversial(did he exist?)historical figure who explored China. The four chapters present the basics about Marco Polo and the student is guided to research further through suggested internet sites via facthound.com and books likeThe Life and Times of Marco Polo (Biography from Ancient Civilizations). Through this book the student will be introduced to Kublai Khan and distant China. An interesting explanation of the fantastic creatues Polo saw is presented; the author clarifies how, for example, Polo's descriptions( using primary sources) of unicorns were actually rhinoceroses. One of the shortcomings of this book is that there is not enough emphasis on Chineese culture but rather a shallow view of this great empire is presented. Otherwise it is a good book for the young reader of middle school age. Reluctant readers will find the graphic novel approach entertaining and reading will not be so "boring." Recommended for middle school and community libraries.

  •     This is a good book about Marco Polo in a graphic format. The graphic format allows my ESOL students to read English at an easy level while learning history. Since many of my students are Chinese, they love Marco Polo and anything else I can provide them about China. I can learn some Chinese from them, and they learn in English.

  •     This is a comic book form of the Marco Polo story. It is a great companion to another book on the same subject. It is great for making those comparisons required under the Common Core standards that teachers need to address.

  •     I am a teacher and my students absolutely love these books! I would give them 5 stars, but they are cheaply made and pages start falling out after only a small amount of use.

  •     nice book


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