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What Makes You Happy (Amelia Rules!)

Press:Natl Book Network ibooks (May 1, 2004)
Author Name:Gownley, Jimmy


Amelia's parents have just gotten divorced, and she sees herself as the only normal one, surrounded by crazy friends and relatives. 
Collects issues 5-10 and an original Valentine's Day story.

About the Author

Jimmy Gownley began writing and drawing comics at the age of 15. 
He is an advocate for kids' comics, having co-founded the organization Kids Love Comics, which works to promote comic books and graphic novels as a valuable tool for literacy and education in schools, libraries, and at home.
He lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with his wife Karen and their twin daughters, Stella and Anna.


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Comment List (Total:9)

  •     "Amelia Rules" is a big book of comic happiness. Though the readers that match the lead character's situation may gravitate to this series faster, anyone who likes quality all ages comics (Bone, Peanuts, Akiko, etc) will love this book.

  •     Great comic for girls.

  •     Simply put, there is no kids' comic book on the marketbetter than "Amelia Rules!" It is intelligently written,beautifully drawn, and totally hilarious.

  •     My 9 year old loves all of the Amelia Rules graphic novelsPrompt shipping, item as described.

  •     My 11 years old absolutely love it.

  •     When my 7-year old son is fighting with my 9-year old daughter for his turn to read AMELIA RULES!, you know these books are going to be a hit. The artwork is beautiful, the dialogue full of great humor and pathos, the stories engaging. But what appeals most to the kids, I think, is the characters themselves. Amelia is out-and-out fascinating--a perfect combination of pre-teen girl and tomboy--and her friends are as lively and entertaining as any you'll find in American literature.In fact, this IS literature, and if you're the kind of parent who thinks comics are no better for kids than TV, AMELIA RULES! will prove you completely and utterly wrong. Get these books. Your kids won't be able to put them down--and neither will you.

  •     This second volume of Amelia stories is as delightful as the first. Amelia is a spunky, emotional, passionate 4th-grader; she is a modern-day "Lucy" from the Peanuts. Jimmy Gownley writes, draws, and inks the stories single-handedly. My fourth-grade girl loves this series. She identifies with the issues that touch a young girl, such as dealing with quarrels, the first kiss, and the strange world of grown-ups.I love this series for the attention to detail, wonderful artwork and interesting jokes that appeal to adults. These jokes are funny for adults, but they are not double-entendres that try to titillate like many modern animated features. The book is very high-quality, printed on good paper and with beautiful ink.Well done, Mr. Gownley! We look forward to Volume 3.

  •     We got all the books. We love that series. The author does not talk down to kids.

  •     FYI You should be aware of some of the jokes in this book are not appropriate for children. This is adult humor. You don't crack jokes about a guy telling a woman "in your next video you shouldn't wear clothes". I am paraphrasing (so don't jump on my case). Why would you tell kids that? I think the humor is funny if are older, but not for young kids.


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