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The Seven Crystal Balls (The Adventures of Tintin)

Press:Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; The Adventures of Tintin edition (September 30, 1975)
Publication Date:1975-9-30
Author Name:Herge


The classic graphic novel. 
Seven explorers return from an expedition in the Andes, where they unearthed the tomb of an Incan priest.
One by one, they fall into a coma.
Can Tintin figure out what is causing the mysterious illness?

About the Author

Hergé, one of the most famous Belgians in the world, was a comics writer and artist. 
The internationally successful Adventures of Tintin are his most well-known and beloved works.
They have been translated into 38 different languages and have inspired such legends as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.
He wrote and illustrated for The Adventures of Tintin until his death in 1983.


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  •     Review by: Hannah BussIndiana, Grade 2I think TinTin The Seven Crystal Balls is mystical. There is a small box and they find a piece of crystal. It is from a crystal ball. They had to think for a moment to figure it out. I think all kids should read this book. It is so good.

  •     One of the best tintin comics....

  •     Great

  •     Original size, so pictures are large and clear, and reading is easy for kids and grandparents. Fun adventure stories the family can enjoy. Good value.

  •     The book was brand new, and the price was below face value. I only needthree more Tintin books to complete my collection. Too bad the author is gone and there will be no more. These adventure stories are excellent. They were written at a pace of about one every year and a half (23 in 35 years), so they are logical, methodicaland well researched. Since my order was for more than $25, I didn't even have to pay S & H. Ihope (and I will) complete my collection soon. Carlos

  •     Love Tin Tin

  •     This one might just beat out my original favorite, it was a thrill ride!An Incan archaeological expedition just came back and are suddenly dropping like flies.

  •     All the Tintin books are wonderful. I hope my kids pass them along to their kids too.

  •     One of the best Tintin .... should inspire those who pretend to know everything

  •     The Seven Crystal Balls is the beginning of the adventure continued in Prisoners Of The Sun. It is an excellent installment in the Tin Tin stories. Tin Tin was one of my earliest introductions to travel and adventure, as well as good cartoon artwork (as opposed to all the wierd super heroes in tights and odd jewelry). I daresay reading Tin Tin as a child was a formative experience, and I still enjoy them today.However, if you're new to Tin Tin and Snowy, start collecting from the beginning with Tin Tin in Russia. It's a little different than the rest but will get you off on the right foot.

  •     Tintin at his best!

  •     Great series

  •     The "Seven Crystal Balls" is No. 1 in the Tintin series for an aura of fearful mystery: This is the one for those who like potions, witchcraft, curses, fireballs, and yes, mental tortures.Attending a variety performance at a theater, Tintin and a newly countrified Captain Haddock watch a clairvoyant Indian women performing under a trance. She suddenly describes a vision of horror that has diverted her from her performance. What is going on with those seven explorers, including Tintin's old friend Professor Cantonneau, who have returned to Europe after exploring Inca tombs? They begin to fall into comas and experience visions of being tortured. Modern Europe, with its police and medical science, is incapable of dealing with the powers of a more primitive time. It takes someone greater, but Tintin is always around.Professor Calculus is kidnapped after his friend Professor Tarragon, the last unaffected explorer, goes into a coma. This ensures that Captain Haddock and Tintin will be involved to the fullest. Also worked into the plot is General Alcazar, Tintin's old friend from San Theodoros, who he had stumbled on when trying to unravel a different mystery in "The Broken Ear." (But the reader wonders why he greets Tintin as a friend, for their previous encounter had ended in the General's men chasing after Tintin because someone had falsely told Alcazar that Tintin was a spy.) Alcazar goes by the name "Ramon Zarate" as a knife thrower who was a performer at the theater event referred to above. But his inclusion has a much more important element."The Seven Crystal Balls" has the single-most embarrassing moment for Captain Haddock resulting from a klutzy act, as well as the usual goofery of Thomson and Thompson. But the main plot far dominates. "Prisoners of the Sun," the sequel set in Peru, is my sentimental favorite in the series, and I recommend it with five stars along with this excellent first entry.

  •     In the opening sequence of "The Seven Crystal Balls", Tintin travels by train to visit Captain Haddock at his new home of Marlinspike. An item in the paper notes the return from Peru of an archeological expedition, bearing the mummy of a Royal Inca. A fellow passenger remarks the likely existance of a deadly curse on those who disturb the mummy. Thus is the tone set for a chilling adventure.Since this is a two-part adventure concluded in "Prisoners of the Sun", artist and author Herge takes his time setting up the story. We are treated to some humor as Captain Haddock plays the country squire, and more humor as he and Tintin visit the local music hall. The story properly gets underway when Tintin is consulted by the bumbling detectives Thompson and Thomson, who are investigating a series of mysterious attacks on the members of the Peru expedition.Tintin and the detectives are unable to stop the attacks, which place the men in a coma. Tintin, the Captain, Professor Calculus, and the police all assemble at the home of the last healthy archeologist, there to guard him during a suitably dark and stormy night. They fail; an unknown assailant kidnaps Calculus into the bargain. Tintin and the Captain set out in pursuit, on a trail that leads back to Peru."The Seven Crystal Balls" is a classic Tintin adventure; the story and artwork hold up extremely well. It is highly recommended to fans of Tintin of all ages.

  •     excellent copy

  •     Fun!


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