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LEGO Ninjago #7: Stone Cold

Press: Papercutz (May 28, 2013)
Publication Date:2013-5
Author Name:Farshtey, Greg; Yates, Jolyon;


Frustrated and discouraged by their lack of powers and their inability to defeat the Stone Warriors, Jay, Cole, Zane, and Kai learn secrets of Sensei Wu's past adventures that may hold the key to future victory.

About the Author

Greg Farshtey is the New York Times-bestselling author of over 50 novels and graphic novels. 
Prior to his work on LEGO Ninjago, he was the main creative force behind the popular BIONICLE series.
He lives in Connecticut with his daughter.Jolyon Yates studied graphic design and illustration at Cambridge and Exeter, and Japanese arts in Sapporo, Japan.
He lived in Japan for several years, during which time he contributed comics, articles, and illustrations to magazines such as Anime FX.
He illustrated the award-winning web comic Revvelations, and he has been a regular contributor to G-Fan.
He is very happy to be working on LEGO Ninjago but fears losing the ability to draw fingers, ears, and noses.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     My son and I love to read the ninjago books. We have more than a few story books in our collection. I jumped at the chance to surprise him with a new one. The night we received it we went to read it only to realize it was a comic book. Still a good story, but hard to read. Great pics!

  •     Based upon the hit series LEGO NINJAGO: MASTERS OF SPINJITZU that airs on the Cartoon Network, LEGO NINJAGO: MASTERS OF SPINJITZU #7: STONE COLD begins after LEGO NINJAGO: MASTERS...

  •     My son loved this book. He had been waiting for book #7 to come out and read it quickly in one sitting. He has since read it again about 5 more times. Can't get enough Ninjago!

  •     I bought the whole series for my two grandsons, they love these books ...are easy to read and good photos

  •     My son loves Legos and Ninjago. He said he really liked this book and was able to buy it with his own money because the price was son reasonable.

  •     My son is a hue fan of these graphic novels. He reads and re- reads them until another one comes out.

  •     Just read this to my son. The writing has gotten better and the font of the print is slightly easier to read than the first couple of books. The hardcover is great. It won't wear out like the paperback since my son loves to read these over and over. Can't wait for the next book.

  •     He loves this series. Talks about the characters so I know he is reading, and that's a great thing! Perfect!

  •     I never knew that much about sensei. Not much humor though.

  •     I can't believe it ,that's what sensei wu fought that long ago that is so cool and very very creepy

  •     We love this series!!!! Awesome books!!! We love the books, love the show, love the sets, we look forward to the next book to come!

  •     My grandsons had the book that came before this one and loved it. This following story was a little difficult for them to follow because of all the flashbacks. They also missed the interactions of the younger Ninjago characters.

  •     These are great little books. They have humor, action, adventure, and fun graphics. This is an exciting book series for new readers

  •     Beautiful pictures/illustrations and informative. My 8 year old granddaughter loves it.

  •     This arrived super quickly - within three days, even with the free shipping, and my 10 yr. old is delighted. He has been bouncing off the walls and is excited to read. He loves that the books are available before the new cartoons are being made.

  •     A good ninjago fable about how important teamwork is and knowing you can rely on good people. Sensei Wu kicks some major derriere too which makes it worth the price of admission

  •     My nephew loves these books! He is supposed to read everyday for school and we have a hard time trying to get him to read. Once we got him one of these books, he can't put them down! Buying the whole series for him as we find them!

  •     What a great story! Sensei Wu tells all if his past adventure before even uniting the ninja. You'll never find a dull moment in the pages of this book!


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