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Sherlock Holmes and the Boscombe Valley Mystery (On the Case with Holmes & Watson (Library))

Press: Graphic Universe (September 1, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-9
Author Name:Rohrbach, Sophie; Morrow, J. T.; Shaw, Murray


Retold in graphic novel form, Sherlock Holmes attempts to solve the murder of a Herefordshire landowner, whose estranged son has been accused of the crime. 
Includes a section explaining Holmes's reasoning and the clues he used to solve the mystery.


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  •     Dr. Watson was no longer living with his friend Sherlock Holmes on 221B Baker Street, but his interest in helping him solve another case was piqued when he received an interesting telegram. Apparently Holmes was looking into the Boscombe Valley tragedy and wanted to know if Watson was interested. It appeared to be one of those simple cut and dried cases with an obvious solution. James McCarthy had murdered his own father, was no doubt the culprit, and that was that. Guilty as charged, but Holmes smelled a rat and wanted to know if Watson would assist in the case. Mrs. Watson urged him to head to Ross and help Holmes crack the case. When the two men met up to go over the case Holmes, true to form, said "I will take nothing for granted until I've looked into things personally."James McCarthy had been seen heading to the Boscombe Pool, gun in hand, and was actually seen arguing with his father. Patricia Moran watched as the argument turned to blows and then fled the scene. A shot while later a bloodstained James ran for help shouting that his father was dead. When Charles McCarthy's body was examined at the scene it was discovered that his "head had been struck by a blunt weapon." Oddly enough, the gun James had been carrying was clean. When James went to trial he refused to disclose what the argument was about. He muttered something about a mysterious missing cloak and someone using a special Australian call to summon him in the same way his father had once done. "Cooee!"James kept rambling on in the courtroom and when he was asked about his father's last words he sounded positively insane. When James said, "No, he seemed delirious, mumbling something about a rat. But it made no sense at all to me," the case became even more mysterious. Not much was making sense to anyone and only Alice Turner believed he was innocent. Dr. Watson felt that James was hiding something, but Holmes retorted, "Ah, my dear Watson, if he were truly guilty,wouldn't he have come up with a better story than that?" Something was definitely amiss in Boscombe Valley and Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were going to figure it out. A rat indeed!Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes team up once again to find out who really murdered Charles McCarthy. Naturally there is a trail of crumbs to follow in this mystery and only the astute reader will be able to follow it and crack the case. After the mystery is solved by the two detectives, Dr. Watson gives the reader a step-by-step examination of the clues Holmes examines to solve the case. Once the reader takes a look at the explanation of the clues in the back of the book they will have a new appreciation of Holmes and his ability to solve a case (and will want to read more of them). The mystery, told in a graphic novel format, is perfect for the reluctant reader or one who loves a quick read. The flashback panels are sepia toned and easily separated from the more colorful, current ones. In the back of the book are additional recommended book and website resources to explore. this is one of ten in the mystery series, On the Case with Holmes and Watson.This book courtesy of the publisher.

  •     This adventure takes Holmes out to the sticks -- up in Central Florida where big Lake Okeechobee is. There's been a murder and Holmes leaves South Beach with Watson to solve it. I've been to this area of Florida and the writer really captures the feeling of it with the fish camps and restaurants serving up fried food. So "country."And an amusing story that has a fresh twist at the end.

  •     A very will written novella with interesting well developed characters, a fast moving story line, and a successful conclusion. I would recommend this novella and series too anyone who is looking for a quick read. Enjoy reading

  •     I didn't even notice this was Sherlock the "V" or 4th until I read it and realized this was a descendant of Sherlock Holmes who lives in Miami on South Beach. It's quite a different re-imagination of the whole concept of Sherlock. I especially like the idea of the irascible unseen cook, Chef Hilario, who never leaves the kitchen at Fleming House. It would be fun to see a TV series like this. Current up to date Sherlock. I liked it very much, Will buy more just to revisit the crazy cast!

  •     In this, the sixth Sherlock Holmes story written by Arthur Conan Doyle, Doctor Watson gets a sudden telegram from Sherlock Holmes, asking him to accompany him to the west of England. A young man is accused of murdering his father, and though the evidence is against him, a certain young lady knows that he is innocent. There is a deeper mystery here, one with its roots in Australia, and only Sherlock Holmes can get to the bottom of it!This story was published in 1892 as part of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and is a good solid Holmes mystery. There is a nice murder, there is the bumbling Inspector Lestrade, and there is Holmes searching the murder scene with magnifying glass in hand. So, if you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, your experience will not be complete unless you read this story. I highly recommend it to you.


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