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Fish You Were Here (Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye)

Press: Graphic Universe (September 1, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-9
Author Name:Venable, Colleen AF; Yue, Stephanie;


Venezi has finally found an assistant to help in the pet shop.
At first Viola seems so perfect that even Sasspants approves of her and does her job so well that Mr.
V hardly needs to be there.
In fact, one day, Mr.
V doesnt come back at all! Has Mr.
V really given the pet shop to the villainous Viola? Or is some other mystery afoot?


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  •     Young readers and adults will enjoy these humorous stories. They provide more reading opportunities than many comic style graphic novels.

  •     Granddaughter (nine years) and grandson (six) love reading this aloud at night with their parents.

  •     Or is she? Mystery abounds as Mr. Venezi disappears and the animals panic. In the course of this story, Hamisher finally starts winning over Sasspants to his true calling as a friend and detective.The Guinea PI series has been a favorite of our family for over a year. This graphic novel series has provided hours of enjoyment for us. Our now seven year old sits in our lap and we read the story to him out loud, while he follows along in the pictures. The content is very kid-appropriate. No violence, very little to be scared of, lots of cute but quirky characters. Yet there are some very real social situations that are illustrated, so that our child learns cultural cues and norms. The narrative is layered and convoluted, making it interesting for adults. The characters are so well written and illustrated that it is easy to find voices for them as we read aloud. All in all, I highly recommend this for anyone five and older that enjoy animals and their personalities.

  •     All kinds of people were flocking to Mr. Venezi's store, "Pets & Stuff," hoping to get a job as his assistant, but he just couldn't seem to find the right one. When he asked one woman, "So on a scale of 1 to 10, have you ever ridden a llama?" and she didn't understand the question, Hamisher hamster and Sassapants P(IG) knew there was a problem. Interview after interview was going wrong for one reason or another. They positively knew they were in trouble when Mr. Venezi almost hired a dude with spiked hair who freaked out when he saw a fuzzy alligator and ran. Of course the fuzzy alligator was Hamisher. Charlotte, from the second hand book store next door came over to offer a few suggestions to make hiring an assistant easy. "Bingbong!" The next thing you know in came Viola, the perfect person ... but was she?Marcus Venezi never got the name of his animals right, but everyone was crazy about him from the Long Koalas (ferrets) to the gorillas (chinchillas). It didn't take long for Viola to take over the shop and the next day everything was going perfectly, but when she took Sasspants's books away they got an inkling that something was amiss. That night Mr. Venezi told Viola that she had done such a great job it almost made him feel like he'd "been running the shop wrong for years!" Soon everyone knew that things were perfect ... perfectly wrong, perfectly hideous, perfectly AWFUL. Mr. Venezi turned up missing and Viola was acting very strange. What could Sassapants P(IG) and his junior detective, Hamisher, do to find Mr. Venezi and return the shop to un-normal? Looked like another case for the dynamic pet shop duo to solve!Every Sassapants P(IG) mystery buff is going to be totally puzzled when Mr. Venezi disappears. This is the fourth in the series of "Guinea PI(G) Pet Shop Private Eye" mysteries that takes place in Mr. Venezi's Pets & Stuff pet store. Sassapants and Hamisher are always on hand to solve a mystery and this is one of the biggest ones they have been called on to unravel. Told in a graphic novel form, this series will entice even the most reluctant reader. The solution to the mystery isn't evident from the beginning and the reader has to wait until the end to find out if Mr. Venezi will return, if he ever does. This one has a nice twist at the end that will leave fans of the series smiling. In the back of the book Hammisher discusses goldfish (Steves as Mr. Venezi calls them) and plecos. There is also a page that talks about jobs people have working with animals. If you've been following this series you'll be exited to read "Fish you were Here," but if you haven't been, you just might want to join the crowd at Pets `n Stuff!This book courtesy of the publisher.

  •     All of the books in this series are great fun & offer chances to improve reading skills. My 6 year old grandson laughs out loud at the animal's antics.There is humor that adults will appreciate, as well.


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