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Ozma of Oz

Press: Dodo Press (October 17, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-10
Author Name:Baum, L Frank


Large Format for easy reading. 
From The Wonderful Wizard of Oz series, one of the most popular books ever written in American children's literature.

From the Publisher

This book is in Electronic Paperback Format. 
If you view this book on any of the computer systems below, it will look like a book.
Simple to run, no program to install.
Just put the CD in your CDROM drive and start reading.
The simple easy to use interface is child tested at pre-school levels.
Windows 3.11, Windows/95, Windows/98, OS/2 and MacIntosh and Linux with Windows Emulation.
Includes Quiet Vision's Dynamic Index.
the abilty to build a index for any set of characters or words.
This Electronic Paperback is illustrated.
This Electronic Paperback is read aloud by an actor.

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From the Inside Flap

Book 3 of L. 
Frank Baum's immortal OZ series, in which Dorothy and Billina, a talking Yellow Hen, help Princess Ozma rescue the royal family of Ev from the evil King of the Nomes.

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From the Back Cover

A raging sea storm carries Dorothy Gale (charming heroine of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) to the fairy land of Ev, where an exciting new adventure awaits her and all young readers who venture into this enchanting realm of fantasy.Dorothy meets some new friends—Billina, a friendly talking hen; Tiktok, a remarkable Copper Man; the lovely Princess Ozma of Oz; and some strange characters too—Wheelers, with wheels for hands and feet; and Princess Langwidere who wears a different head each day.When Dorothy learns that the Queen of Ev and her ten children are prisoners of the wicked Nome King, she sets out on a magic carpet with her new friends and some old favorites—Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and Tin Woodman—to rescue them.The danger mounts as Princess Ozma herself falls victim to the Nome King's magic and is transformed into an emerald grasshopper. 
Youngsters will be swept up in the action as Dorothy and her entourage match wits with the Nome King and his devilish Nomes in a forbidding underground fortress.Ozma of Oz will delight children of all ages from the very first chapter in which Dorothy battles the sea, to its surprising conclusion, when she struggles to free the royal family and her friends.The original text is reprinted here in its entirety from the first 1907 edition, with John R.
Neill's amusing and imaginative illustrations that capture the flavor of this wonderful, witty tale.

About the Author

Frank Baum (1856 1919) was an American author of books, short stories, and poetry.
He is best known for writing The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and thirteen other books about the Land of Oz.
His books have been adapted for stage and screen and continue to be popular today.


Children's Books,Classics,Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy & Magic

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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     This title apparently has no images. None of the original great art of the novel. And that's a problem, because there's at least one place in the store where the narrative stops, and the reader is supposed to read from the image in the book. Then the story continues as if you've read the image. But this version has no images, and no replacing text. So there's a discontinuity in the story where the image should have been. The story itself is great, but this version really does suffer for not having the original art.

  •     Very good book. I finally understand the 2nd movie now. Definitely read this book. The whole series is great.

  •     Good sequel to Wizard of Oz. I remember the movie from circa 1983 "Return to OZ". The movie used Land of Oz and Ozma of Oz as part of the storyline

  •     Fun to read the Oz series of books.

  •     So much fun!

  •     Dorothy returning to Oz was wonderful. This novel brought back the joy of the first Oz story. L. Frank Baum did a marvelous job with this novel.

  •     This is the third OZ book I've read now and I have finally seen a little of what other readers must see in the series. The story succeeds on several levels. Children will enjoy the fantasy of it while adults can see the deeper ironys that abound. In fact, I have read other books that I thought were completely original but now I realize the authors had read Oz! I was happy to read about a couple of new Oz characters teaming up with the old favorites. Like other Oz books, this is a quick read but I plan to read more in the series, just to see what happens.

  •     Very satisfied with my purchase. This copy seems almost like it was never read. There are no markings or torn pages & the cover is intact & clean.

  •     I read through all of the OZ books one summer. It was a wonderful time. When I tell others about all of the various lands on Oz they look blank. Everyone needs to catch up.

  •     Just as great

  •     The book is junk. None of the illustrations & tiny print.

  •     There are no pictures in this edition at all. Most, maybe all, of the original editions did have some pictures, which I would have liked to have seen. Also, as with the other free editions in this series, there are many typographical errors, mainly misspellings. There is also the occasional bit of text that's randomly bold for no apparent reason. I suspect that a printed copy of the book was scanned and run through OCR, with no follow-up accuracy check.The story itself is pretty good. Although all of this series is clearly written for children, it's entertaining enough for adults to enjoy reading as well. But as an adult, I couldn't help but notice that many of the characters in all of these Oz stories, including the central characters, are often conceited, arrogant, and rude, yet at the same time, quite polite about it.

  •     This has always been my absolute favorite book of the Oz series. It makes a great read aloud to young children, but I think older kids will like it too, due to some fascinating concepts such as the Wheelers, the Princess with 28 heads, and the Giant with the hammer. In this book, L. Frank Baum also introduces some of his best characters in the entire Oz series: Tik-Tok, the Nome King, and Billina the Hen, who is a delightfully mischievious character (as a child, I was always disappointed that she never made more appearances in future Oz books). "Ozma of Oz" also represents, in my opinion, the best-designed Oz book and this particular edition features color throughout, marvelous typography, and absolutely gorgeous illustrations by John R. Neill. I highly recommend this book and believe no children's library should be without it.

  •     This is the best Oz book I have read so far with my son. That being said, I have only read 3 as I am going in sequential order. Nonetheless, it is much better than Book 2 and marginally better than the original.The chief difference between Ozma and the prior two books is a streamlined narrative which focuses primarily on a single event (journey to the Nome King) with a tangible goal (free the royal family of Ev). Excluding the small section on the Wheelers and Lunch Pail trees, the fantasy elements tend more towards the traditional as opposed to Baum's imagination. You can even see a bit of the old "Mountain King" myth in this story. The net effect is that this story is more concise and less tied to the early 20th century than the preceding novels.Another big change from the second book is a drastic reduction in the turn-of-the-century chauvinism on display in book 2. Jinjur even goes so far as to give her husband a black eye for milking the wrong cow. I am not sure if a double-entendre is intended here or not, but this is light-years away from the housewives in the prior book.I highly recommend this as a good read to your children before they go to bed.

  •     Though I first read this book nearly 50 years ago, it still remains one of the best books I have ever read. Adults may feel that it is a kid's book, and of course it is perfect for kids, but believe me, it can be enjoyed by people of any age. All you need is love of a good story. For many years Ozma was my heroine--I dreamed that I would meet her somehow, somehow be transported like Dorothy to the Land of Oz. Though these dreams faded, I still often think that this book might be the favorite book of my life. Dorothy's new adventures, the rescue expedition from Oz that crosses the Deadly Desert, and the spooky confrontation between good and evil in the caverns of the Nome King. The Oz characters have accompanied me through life. Try them---you will never forget them.

  •     I am extremely disappointed in this printing. It appears to be the full simple text, with no professional formatting, as submitted to an online publishing site. There is no publishing company listed anywhere, only small text on the back of the last page: "Made in the USA, San Bernadino CA, 18 August 2013." The cover, as pictured in the amazon listing, is a copy of an illustration from an original edition. The actual book I received has the same image on the cover, but is very pixelated. There are NO illustrations on the inside, only plain text.I ordered a hardcover edition of the same title in the "Books of Wonders" series, published by HarperCollins, and it is BEAUTIFUL with original illustrations inside, including some in color. I noticed there are also paperback editions in the OZ "Books of Wonders" series, so I will be replacing the shoddy copy reviewed here with that edition.

  •     I just love this books. So much imagination! I read this book back in first grade. I read a lot that year, and no book stuck in my mind like this one did. I have remembered the story for years, because it is so original. I recently checked it out in the library to re-read it, and it was every bit as good. I recommend this book to all ages, L. Frank is da Baum! :)

  •     Served my purpose.

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