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Thank You, Amelia Bedelia Book and Tape (I Can Read Book & Cassette)

Press: HarperCollins; Pap/Cas edition (January 6, 1995)


A classic Amelia Bedelia story is now an I Can Read Book, and in full color too! With new illustrations based on the original art of Fritz Siebel, this laugh-out-loud favorite comes to life as the lovable, literal-minded housekeeper strips the sheets, pares the vegetables, and makes a jelly roll for Great-Aunt Myra's visit. 
This new edition is sure to please every fan of Amelia Bedelia'even Great-Aunt Myra!


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  •     We think the book is very cool because she does a lot of funny things. One of the funny things is when she makes a jellyroll.One other funny thing is when she strings the beans.

  •     These books are great!

  •     niece really liked reading this book

  •     Book was not turtle back or even hardcover as advertised. Seller refunded the money.

  •     My daughter loves to read these books and they seem to be made of quality material.

  •     excellent loved them all

  •     We liked when she hung the beans.It made us laugh. We liked when she planted bulbs. It made us giggle.We like her books a lot.It was funny.

  •     Very pleased.

  •     very good book

  •     9 year old enjoyed

  •     My child was so excited with this book!

  •     Amelia Bedelia is the housekeeper for Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. (I would say she's probably about 18?) She takes everything literally; doesn't understand figures of speech. Because of this, she gets into some very interesting situations. But she does have an incredible talent: cooking, because she follows directions verbatim.In this particular book, Great-Aunt Myra is coming to visit, so it is Amelia's job to get the house ready for her so that she will feel at home. Mrs. Rogers makes a list for Amelia to follow when getting the house ready. For example, Mrs. Rogers tells her to strip the sheets. Amelia literally strips them. Because of Amelia's literalness, will there be a disaster? Will Great-Aunt Myra really feel at home, or will Amelia really make a mess of things? I can't tell you - you have to read the book to find out!I love Amelia Bedelia books. If you haven't been lucky enough to discover her, I recommend these books.Amelia Bedelia is one of my favorite characters. Even though these are children's books, I find a bit of coziness in these books. I have loved Amelia Bedelia every since I discovered her (when my kids were little.)

  •     Young readers will be hysterical with laughter over this wonderful adventure for our favorite young housekeeper, Amelia Bedelia -- who never seems to get directions quite right. Well, the truth is, Amelia does get them right, as long as you agree that making a jelly roll means rolling some jelly across the kitchen! And just imagine all the rest of the directions she has to follow with important company coming.Peggy Parish is a wonderful author of children's literature, adored by greatly amused parents, as well!Recommended!

  •     I am a kinder and I read this book. Mrs. Rojers dress was spotid and Amelia Bedelia cut spots of the dress

  •     Yes, we always enjoy Amelia's adventure's and in this volume, we find Mrs. Rodgers rushing about getting read for Great-Aunt Myra visit. As usual, she gives Amelia a list of things to do while she's out and about (make a jelly roll, strip the sheets, check Mr. Rodgers shirts) and off she goes fulfilling those requests in the absolutely literal way that only Amelia Bedelia can! Kids will be amused to no end as Amelia tries to roll jelly around on the counter and paints checks on Mr. Rodgers shirts...watch out for her spot removal...it's a doozy! Amelia Bedelia books are a fine way to introduce children to the concept that what we say isn't always EXACTLY what we mean! Great for read aloud stores for kids age 1-5 as well as a fine beginning reader book for ages 5-7. Kids of all ages will love the hilarity of how Amelia gets the job done! Another hit with my kids!!

  •     Amelia Bedelia has been around since I was a kid and I enjoy so much sharing her with my 5 year old. I think this book would have been a little better if she were a little older but she did enjoy me reading it to her. I just love how funny and REAL this character can be.Sandra Magura, author of "HipoDuck - Trouble at the Airport"

  •     I am writing about the part where Amelia Bedelia threw the flowers all ove the room rather than putting them in the vases.

  •     I was so pleased to see this series, a favorite from childhood. I'm now sharing it with my grandson.


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