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Tuck Everlasting

Press:Thorndike Pr Thorndike Press; 1 edition (June 2, 2003)
Author Name:Babbitt, Natalie


A New York Times Bestseller An ALA Notable Book  Granted eternal life after drinking from a magic spring, the Tuck finds that living forever at one age is less a blessing than it might seem. 
An Accelerated Reader® title for Ages 9-12.


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From the Inside Flap

Read by Peter Thomas3 hours 25 minutes, 2 cassettesWhen ten-year-old Winnie Foster stumbles upon the Tuck family's disturbing secret, she is forced to come to terms with her conflicting emotions. 
She feels drawn to the loving, gentle and rather eccentric Tucks, but what they tell her is too incredible to be believed.
Doomed to?or blessed with?eternal life after drinking from a magic spring, the Tuck family tries to make Winnie understand that the terrible magic of the forest spring can never be revealed.
The consequences to the world could prove to be disastrous!But then an unexpected complication arises when Winnie is followed by a stranger who wants to sell the spring water and make a fortune.

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From the Back Cover

"Thomas honors both the subtle tensions and the underlying humor in this tale of a family that gains immortality and the mortal ten-year-old who befriends them...An impeccable rendering of this classic children's fantasy."  --Audiofile

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About the Author

Natalie Babbitt started out as an illustrator and has written and illustrated many novels and picture books for children. 
Tuck Everlasting has won several awards in the US including ALA Notable Book.
Natalie has also won countless awards for her other books.
Natalie teaches writing for children and book illustration and also writes reviews of children's literature for the New York Times Book Review and other publications.
She is a grandmother of 3 and lives in Rhode Island, USA.

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


Children's Books,Classics,Science Fiction & Fantasy,Fantasy & Magic,Humor

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  •     Tuck Everlasting is the fifth book that my daughter and I have read this summer. It is a winning and thoroughly engaging story that has left both of us talking and thinking.The main thought of the book is, "would you want to live forever?" Good question! We follow the main character, Winnie, as she tackles this complicated decision.At the beginning of the story Winnie is a very sheltered and safe little girl (10 years old). She plays in her carefully groomed front yard, watching things around her (including a thirsty toad). Her world is safe, slow, and somnolent - seemingly napping in the hot, dry sun.The catalyst for change occurs when a man in a yellow suit (no, not hat, you Curious George fans). He is asking questions and seems unduly curious when they (the man and Winnie) hear a strange, almost elfin tune. The man is excited. The girl (Winnie)is motivated to make a surge forward. She runs into the forest where she discovers a young man (Jesse Tuck) drinking from a fountain hidden under stones at the base of a tree. I know, it sounds like a fairy tale. The story does come across as magical. The question is do you believe? Does Winnie believe?Winnie is taken (kidnapped) back to the Tuck home. The house is hidden deep in the country, secluded and existing in a time of its own. The Tucks move Winnie from her safe life to a different world. Their home is messy and disorganized in contrast to her own neat home. The Tucks are delighted to meet her and treat her like a treasured family member. This also is in contrast to her own more reserved family.Throughout her time at the Tucks they tell Winnie their story. Does she believe they will live forever? Will she keep their secret? Does Winnie want eternal life?Different family members present different perspectives to Winnie. Jesse (stuck at about 17) is full of life and is excited by all the world has to offer. The patriarch of the family (simply called Tuck) takes her out to the lake to explain his viewpoint. He points out to Winnie the way the tides of the pond move, all the bugs, and birds, and etc. He explains how everything is born, grows, is in a constant state of flux, and then dies. His family has stopped changing, maturing, growing.The man in the yellow suit eventually finds Winnie and the Tucks. His plan is to sell the water to "worthy" customers who can afford his hefty price. The matriarch of the family (Mae) kills the man She cannot allow the secret (to her the disaster, the epidemic) to spread to an unsuspecting public. My daughter reminds me too of what a burden this would be to the earth if no one ever died.Mae is faced with hanging - something which would surely lead to the exposure of her secret. Winnie helps Mae escape. This is a huge departure for her. It is definitely not something she would have done before the Tucks. She is part of their world,their family now. They love each other. The act is not a legal thing to do but is it a moral thing to do? The Tucks have changed her and Winnie is willing, indeed eager, to help. The consequences are grave. Her family is shamed in front of the whole town. When questioned Winnie can only answer that she did it for love. This her mom understands. Her family forms a fortress around her then, protecting her. Winnie comes to recognize their love for her as well.Before Jesse leaves Winnie for the last time, he gives her a vial of the Spring water. He asks her to think about drinking it when she turns 17 so they can explore all of eternity together. Will she or won't she?The final scene is of Tuck and Mae arriving back in the main town many years later. Everything has changed. The reader has the sense that the Tucks are getting more and more stretched - like Bilbo in LOTR. Their anchor to life is back 100 years. The longer their bodies live, the less they themselves seem to be part of the living world. The reader eventually finds out if Winnie drank the water or not. The answer makes the Tucks both sad and happy. The answer also leaves the reader questioning her decision and pondering their own reactions. Overall, a very satisfying book.

  •     The book is written very well with a lot of figures of speech. It's also very descriptive. Great storyline and characters. I wished she would have written a sequential.

  •     This book asks a question, “Would you want to live forever?” but does not have an answer. It makes for a great book to read and discuss with your kids.

  •     This book was exiting, adventures, and very good to read. You might not get the first Chapter, but keep reading. She is just giving an idea of the setting.

  •     Reads like a children's story from the 30's rather than the 70's, except for the murder. Reminds me of the radio plays from my youth.

  •     Tuck Everlasting is probably one of the best books, seemingly sculpted from gold instead of words. In Natalie Babbitt’s novel, Tuck Everlasting, set in a sleepy town in the 1800s,...

  •     Death is a big taboo, but adults think about it, and so do kids. In this thought-provoking book, Winnie is confronted not only with the idea of living forever, but with the real...

  •     After seeing the movie, "Tuck Everlasting," I immediately wanted to read the book...a lifelong habit of mine. Natalie Babbitt does an excellent job of creating a marvelous story that draws the reader in on the first page and keeps providing simple yet beautifully descriptive paragraphs to pull the reader eagerly from page to page. The main character, a young lady of only eleven (a few years older in the movie) living a sheltered, privileged, and tightly controlled life behind an iron fence, yearns to experience the world outside her gate. The woods next door belong to her father, so what harm could come to her there? Winifred makes a marvelous discovery and encounters an unusual family that provides her more affection and freedom in a short time than she previously experienced in her entire life. Her family fears she has been kidnapped, and encouraged by a mystery man, who wants possession of the woods in exchange for leading them to their daughter, discover Winifred and the family sheltering her. The mystery of what is hidden in the woods, and the unusual family's predicament supply the tension and the crux of the story. The reader is forced to consider one of the biggest of life's questions. As the old saying goes: "Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.". What decision will Winnie make? What are the consequences of what seems a magical solution that many seek through the ages? Why is the mystery man so determined to gain possession of the woods and why does the Tuck family risk exposure to assure he does not? This is a charming, delightful story that provokes deep consideration. I recommend "Tuck Everlasting" to readers looking for beautiful writing and a story that transcends the page to probe deep into the reader's psyche. I look forward to reading more of Natalie Babbitt's work.

  •     Superb and thought provoking.

  •     Finally have my childhood book love it

  •     My one word to describe this story: enchanting. It's the kind of story that a child would dream up laying on moon-drenched grass on a summer evening... you know, the kind that gives you shivers because it just might be real. I love this story for its simplicity--the author doesn't try to force it to be more than it is. She just lays it out in front of you and leaves you to ponder. And it's magical. You've just gotta love a book like that!I recommend this book for older children who are ready to contemplate the issues of life and death, but who can still appreciate fantasy (It's not one of those depressing my-best-friend-died-and-it's-all-my-fault-Betsy-Byers-type books, thank goodness!). But I also highly recommend it to adults. It just might help you consider the magic of life that adults so often dismiss as childish impossibility.

  •     A beautiful story that is timeless! It's also a perfect length for you and your children to read a little quicker without being overwhelmed by the volume of the wonderful children's books today. The story is about 100 pages give or take. And I have found with some children, the long length of a book can deter them from reading. This is a perfect choice to try with ALL children young and old.The story is about ten year old Winnie Foster, (who is almost eleven years old), who feels too confined at home and wants to explore more of the world around her...just beyond her front gate. She decides to run past her front gate to see what is beyond and meets a boy Jesse Tuck and his family who intrigue her and didn't know lived on her large family property beyond her front gate in what is called "The Wood". As she gets to know the Tuck family, she finds herself learning so much about different ways of life and also a magical secret that they must protect with Winnie's help. Winnie has to decide if she should keep the secret and in the process learns the meaning of enjoying life every day, (without the need to have such a rigid schedule). She finds new adventures and magic she never dreamed was out in the world beyond her front gate.

  •     Creative in the questions the story raises. I loved the characters, especially Winnie. How she comes of age in 3 short days experiencing a life changing adventure:)Children...

  •     as expected.


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