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Grimms' Fairy Tales (Illustrated Junior Library)

Press:Price Stern Sloan Grosset & Dunlap; Reprint edition (October 17, 1995)
Publication Date:1995-10
Author Name:Grimm, Jacob/ Grimm, Wilhelm/ Lucas, E. V. (TRN)/ Crane, Lucy (TRN)/ Edwardes, Marian (TRN)/ Kredel, Fritz (ILT)


Enchanting, brimming with the wonder and magic of Once Upon A Time, the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are the special stories of childhood that stay with us throughout our lives. 
These wonderful tales of life, passion, and make-believe appeal not only to children—who unabashedly love them—but to readers of any age.

Language Notes

Text: English, German (translation)

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From the Inside Flap

Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, and Snow White are among the jewels we owe to the German brothers Grimm, who began in the first decade of the 19th century to seek out and listen to village storytellers. 
The best-loved of the tales they discovered are now brought together with the marvelous pictures that in 1900 first established the reputation of one of the greatest children's illustrators of all time, Arthur Rackham.

--This text refers to the Library Binding edition.

About the Author

With evocative pictures by an artist widely recognized as one of the foremost illustrators of the twentieth century, this outstanding anthology is a handsome keepsake for children and adults. 
Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) illustrated more than 50 books, including Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which brought him international fame.

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From AudioFile

British actress Laura Paton reads fairy tales, including "The Frog Prince," "The Elves and the Shoemaker," "Hansel and Gretel," "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Cinderella." Paton reads at a comfortable pace in a clear, versatile voice. 
She gives a quiet, deft reading without intrusive overdramatization, which allows listeners to become involved in the stories.
The stories are introduced with brief musical passages taken from Tchaikovsky, Strauss and Grieg, which enhance the presentation.
Whether listeners know these classic stories well or are hearing them from the first time, they'll enjoy this collection.
(c)AudioFile, Portland, Maine

--This text refers to the Library Binding edition.


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  •     Hans Christian Anderson was out of his mind, but in a good, creative way. The theme that emerges the clearest in these tales is that life's underdogs and outcasts can and do overcome the odds, and their true inner beauty trumps all the vain, pompous, so-called "winners" in life in the end. I totally enjoyed these stories and no, not all of them have a happy ending. In fact, there is a dark aspect to many of them that lingers over at least some of the collection.. Metaphors and symbolism abound, but are not too obscure with a bit of pondering and thought. One can also tap into his or her "inner kid" and just enjoy the whimsy of inanimate objects talking, animals and birds assisting characters a la Disney, both good and evil witches popping up here and there, queens, and princesses. (Hans had a thing for "princesses", even though it was suspected that it was the brothers of the "princesses" in his own life that really got his boat floating. Being "out of the closet" wasn't much of an option in those days.) This collection is truly wonderful because it has a great Introduction that tells you much about the author and includes charming illustrations by Hans himself. He was apparently quite an oddity in appearance, mannerisms, and personality, yet he soared as a writer in his time and enjoyed both great fame and wealth. No mere "ugly duckling" he... This is one marvelously entertaining and beautifully translated book, and it's a treasure. Highly recommended, and makes a wonderful gift.

  •     excellent

  •     Been wanting nice hardback edition of this H.C.A. Fairy tales for a while. 1986 edition. Came with dust jacket from the seller Wonderbook. Came exactly as described.

  •     Perfect book for the entire family to read together

  •     A little disappointed that Amazon is using the same description for different formats because they don't share the same stories. The audio cd has 19 stories on 6 cds but no track listing. And the stories I was looking for are absent. Here are the stores on the audio cds (cd/track):1/1 The Ugly Duckling1/4 The Swineherd1/5 The Emperor's New Clothes1/6 The Elfin Mound1/8 The Constant Tin Soldier2/1 The Little Sea-Maid2/8 The Red Shoes3/1 The Wild Swans3/6 The Nightingale4/1 The Garden of Paraside4/5 The Daisy4/6 The Storks4/7 The Darning Needle5/1 The Shadow5/5 Little Ida's Flowers5/7 The Angel6/1 The Flying Trunk6/3 The Tinder Box6/5 The Buckwheat6/6 The Bell

  •     Received the book I great shape. I can't wait to read it.

  •     Great book for all the fans of classic fairy tales, me included. The book is of course in Old English grammar, which is grand. And it is printed in the U.K.

  •     I didn't realize the font would be so small. I got this for my father who has not so great eyes. He complained that the story of the princess and the pea was shorter than expected...

  •     Catches me up on my reading.

  •     These tales were the friends of my childhood (many, many years ago) reread again and again and again, and it is very good to revisit them. Their frequently strong and obvious moral content did not put me off. On the contrary, it had the desired effect of increasing my desire to be a better person. Some of the saddest tales made me cry, but I still loved them. And the sad endings prepared me for the fact that, in real life, there are also sad endings. Their originality is captivating. Certain images have stayed with me through the decades. The sanitized, fluffy, happy ending Disney versions have removed the heart of these stories. If you have no faith, you will not like these tales. If you don't like stories with obvious moral content, you will not like these tales. If you believe that children should be coddled and protected from any of the darker aspects of life, you should stick to the Disney versions. But you will be denying yourself a world of wonder and beauty, a world with a heart and a soul, a world with images that remain pertinent to this day. I believe that every child should hear at least some of them.

  •     good book

  •     I love the book.

  •     I ordered this collection of Hans Christian Andersen stories after looking at many options, specifically because I wanted a good selection of stories with beautiful illustrations for my children's library. I had Googled some Honor Appleton illustrations and loved them. Unfortunately, none of her gorgeous paintings are in color in this book and some do not translate well to black and white reproductions. Others were black and white pen drawings and are just fine here. But I would not have bought this had I known I was not getting any color paintings. Now I will look about again and perhaps order the Michael Hague collection. This book is also a bit small in dimensions to make a good read-aloud-with-pictures versionThe full contents of this book are as follows:The Snow QueenThe Little Match GirlThe Princess and the PeaThe Garden of ParadiseThe Steadfast Tin-SoldierThe Little MermaidOle Luk-OieThe Tinder-BoxWhat the Moon SawThe Fir-TreeThe Girl Who Trod on the LoafLittle Ida's FlowersThe Red ShoesThe Travelling Companion

  •     i do like the fairy tales included in this book. however, i was disappointed with the presentation of the book. it's a small, paperback book and it doesn't have any illustrations appropriate for a child. the book is not pretty at all.i would not recommend it for a child. it's cover is nice and has pretty colors...but that's about it that i like about the product. i wanted this item to be a nice, collectible item and i wanted to add future puffin classic books to this collection. i will not be doing this!if this product helps you make a decision about buying this product or not, please mark it as helpful.

  •     Includes a few long stories (The Shoes of Fortune; The Snow Queen) and a bunch of short stories (The Emperor's New Clothes; The Real Princess) by Hans Christian Andersen, although this is by no means all that he wrote.A more definitive collection of his work isFairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen.Stories included are:The Emperor's New ClothesThe SwineherdThe Real Princess (this is the Princess and the Pea)The Shoes of FortuneThe Fir TreeThe Snow QueenThe Leap-FrogThe ElderbushThe BellThe Old HouseThe Happy FamilyThe Story of a MotherThe False CollarThe ShadowThe Little Match GirlThe Dream of Little TukThe Naughty BoyThe Red Shoes

  •     Not a kids book. No illustration.


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