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A Little Princess: The Story of Sara Crewe

Press:HODDER & STOUGHTON Hodder Children's Books (December 3, 1992)


This novel describes the plight of "the little princess", Sara Crewe, the seven-year-old daughter of a rich and loving father. 
When she arrives in London from India, Sara starts a new school.
But when her father dies, she is left penniless and is forced to live in a damp attic.


Bright, beautiful and enchanting ... 
--New York TimesA Little Princess exquisitely re-creates the ephemeral world of childhood, an enchanted kingdom where everything, even make-believe, seems possible ...
--Washington Post

--This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

From the Publisher

Classics for Young Readers The timeless children’s classics have captured hearts for generations. 
For over a century, characters from these stories have served as models of integrity and honor for all children.
These editions preserve every detail of the original stories while featuring an accelerated pace, updated language, and full-page illustrations.
Every book has a companion study guide available.

--This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

From the Inside Flap

Sara Crewe is a gifted and well-mannered child, and Captain Crewe, her father, is an extraordinary wealthy man. 
So Miss Minchin, headmistress of Sara's new boarding school in London, is pleased to treat Sara as her star pupil--a pampered little princess.But suddenly, one dreadful day, Sara's world collapses around her.
All of her lovely things are taken from her and she is forbidden to associate with her friends.
Her father has died penniless in India.Miss Minchin can now show her greedy and meanspirited nature to its fullest.
The little princess is reduced to a shabby drudge.
But Sara does not break, and with the help of a monkey, an Indian lascar, and the strange, ailing gentleman next door, she not only survives her sufferings but help those around her.

--This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

About the Author

English born novelist Frances Hodgson Burnett was best known for her children's stories, particularly Little Lord Fauntleroy, The Secret Garden, and A Little Princess. 
Many of her works have been and continue to be dramatized in film and video.Frances Eliza Hodgson was born in Manchester, England, on November 24, 1849.
When she was four, her father died, leaving her mother with five children and little money.
They moved to America when she was sixteen and settled on a farm in Knoxville, Tennessee.The family financial situation did not improve, and Frances felt that she had the ability to earn money from writing, so as a teenager, she sent her stories to an editor.
She began with short stories based on her childhood days in Manchester.
After "Surly Tim's Trouble" premiered in Scribner's Magazine in 1872, publishers pursued Frances; one successful story led to another.Frances married Dr.
Swan M.
Burnett in 1873, and they had two sons.
They traveled extensively throughout Europe and subsequently took up residence in Washington, D.C.
Later, reporters criticized her lifestyle and turned public sentiment against her, despite her attempts to stay out of the public eye.
Frances died October 29, 1924, at the age of seventy-four.

From AudioFile

A magical story mainly for girls about 8 and up, A LITTLE PRINCESS is 80 minutes of escape from reality. 
You are transported to the streets of London around a hundred years ago.
Sarah Crewe, 7, a rich heiress, loses her fortune and then, after two years, gains it back again.
The actresses portraying Sarah and the head mistress, Miss Minchen, are especially captivating.
Some of the other students at the girls' academy are a bit of a stretch to understand, a little muffled and garbled.
There are horses hooves clomping, footsteps on the stairs and even a monkey snickering.
A delightful interlude for any cold or rainy afternoon.
(c) AudioFile, Portland, Maine

--This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.


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  •     I had seen the movie for the Little Princess when I was younger, but I didn't realize it was a book first. I don't read much for myself anymore, seeing as how I try my best to read with each of my 5 kids, but I decided to give this a go as we would be discussing it for my daughter's book club. I was enjoying it so much that one night, while I was sitting in my boys' room, trying to get them to go to stop arguing and go to sleep, I decided to read aloud. I didn't tell them what book it was because I figured at the word "Princess" they'd start throwing fits. I simply started to read, already several chapters in. They stopped their fighting and listened long and hard. Not on purpose, it happened to be a part in the book where Sara, the protagonist, is talking about controlling her anger and "winning" fights by simply not fighting back. I wanted to jump for joy and beg my kids to PLEASE take note!! I stopped reading after the chapter and they begged for more.

  •     This book is beautiful, emotional, inspiring. I want everyone I know to read this classic book. It has made me want to be a better person, and it's enjoyable fiction, not the...

  •     A cute edition of a children's classic with a pretty cover obviously. It is printed in the USA so that's a bonus.

  •     Beautiful illustrations and a nice abridged version of the story. We got this from the library and my daughter(5) was so sad to take it back! We got it for her birthday.

  •     A delightful Tale about a girl who never gives up hope and instant classic you'll love this classic book for your

  •     I enjoyed reading this book. I like suspense

  •     Story was fine but I was expecting relevant illustrations throughout rather than a 'princess' image gallery at the close that provide two of Sleeping Beauty (one of which was cover art for an entirely different book not even titled the same), dated images from works by Shakespeare and two that weren't even princesses "Lady of Shalot" and "Ophelia from Hamlet." If you're of the same mind and want artwork to match the story line as I do then I would strongly suggest something other than "A Little Princess (Illustrated + Audio)" the non-deluxe version.

  •     Love the book so I knew I had to get this cute version of it. Not happy with the actual boom itself though. It appeared damaged in some places.

  •     I thought this was an excellent audio rendering of a classic book. In my opinion, the narration was delightful!

  •     Buyer beware, I found a typo on page 84 in chapter seven where they misspell Lavinia's name by leaving out the second "I" .

  •     When I started reading this book to my three boys (ages 10, 9 and 6) there were many groans. They didn't want to read this "girl" book.

  •     This was my favorite book when I was younger. A teacher, gave it to me as a gift. I was not big on reading when I was very small and my parents never thought I would actually get big into reading. This was one of the books that inspired me to read more. It's a perfect book for little girls who are just beginning to read and find joy in it. Whether you're reading it to them or they are reading on their own it is a great book and very inspirational. Remember all little girls are princesses.

  •     I enjoy reading stories about children and stories about the past and this book put them both together. Very well written with no grammatical errors and quite entertaining.

  •     The cover of this book is absolutely stunning and is also the main reason why I purchased it. I love Rifle Paper Co. and everything Anna Bond designs. The story was actually really great, and I enjoyed reading it (as a 26 year-old female). I'm definitely looking forward to passing this book down to (hopefully) future daughters to enjoy.The only reason why it's not 5 stars is because there were two pages where the ink roller got messed up and smeared the ink across the page to where the text was illegible. I requested a replacement, which Amazon promptly ordered, and it seems to not have any issues like that (I haven't checked page by page yet). I order all 4 books in this design series and 2 out of 4 of them had this issue. It seems that whoever was in charge of the actual inside quality check did a poor job. Some of the page numbers in a couple of the other books are almost being cut off the edge of the page (poor placement).Other than that, the stories are classic and the outside covers are stunning. I definitely don't mind sitting these books on my shelf.

  •     As noted in the product description, this is a shortened version of the classic story, written for new readers. There is nothing wrong with it, except that a lot of the magic of the original is in the details, which are rather left out here. A somewhat regretted purchase, because the classic version proved to be almost as easy to read, for a child who loves the discovery of reading, and much more interesting. Larger print is nice. There are no pictures in the paperback copy.

  •     I remember when I first saw this book. I was burned out from all the required high school reading of all the typical Shakespearean BS. I started reading this book and I couldn't put it down. I think it's such a sweet classical read. Then I found out Shirley Temple had done a live musical adaptation and I had to check that out as well. I would like to read it to my nieces one day when they are old enough. I love old books like this that give you different perspective of what life was like for people during the industrial era. Only I guess this is more from Sara's perspective but it's very inclusive of other character's POV and does a good job putting them all together to make this one fairy tale-ish yet poignant picture of industrial life.

  •     This book in particular was one of my favorites as a child and I literally went through four copies of the book in paperback form. The story of Sarah Crewe and her behavior in the worst of circumstances is an inspiration.I ordered this for my six year old niece who told her cousin that it was "basically a novel" and she went right to reading it.As far as the edition itself, I am very very pleased. As I stated above, I wore out four paperback versions of this book as a child and wanted something sturdier for my niece who will probably do similar. The cover is as pictured in a colorful vintage form and it is very sturdily bound. I will be buying more of these Puffin Classics editions in the future!

  •     Such a beautiful gift and wonderful story


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