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The Snow Queen : A Retelling of the Fairy Tale

Press:HarperCollins HarperCollins; Reprint edition (October 8, 2013)
Author Name:Andersen, Hans Christian; Ibatoulline, Bagram;


Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen, the classic tale of friendship, love, and bravery, is beautifully retold with lavish illustrations by master artist Bagram Ibatoulline.Best friends Kai and Gerda would do anything for each other. 
When Kai starts to behave cruelly and disappears, Gerda sets out on an epic quest to save Kai from the evil Snow Queen.
But can Gerda break the Snow Queen's enchantment and complete the final task?Full of magic and wonder, this new picture book will delight fans of beloved classics like "Thumbelina," "The Princess and the Pea," and "The Little Mermaid."

From Booklist

In this abridged version of Andersen’s original fairy tale, young Gerda and Kai have long been best friends, but Kai becomes cruel when tiny slivers of a cursed mirror pierce his eye and his heart. 
Soon the Snow Queen takes him away to her home, and Gerda sets out on a quest to save him.
She endures many trials as she travels to the Snow Queen’s palace, where she finds Kai and frees him.
No source is given for the translation or abridgment.
Lacking the religious content woven through Andersen’s tale, this edition is more accessible to contemporary children.
While the telling is considerably shorter than the original, it is somewhat longer than most picture-book texts.
The episodic story moves along well, though, and its length gives viewers plenty of time to linger over the detailed illustrations.
Skillfully rendered and beautifully composed, the acrylic gouache paintings create a series of impressive images that many readers will enjoy.
Grades 1-3.
--Carolyn Phelan


"Hans Christian Andersen's longest and best story... 
There is so much in this profound and beautiful tale that it can be endlessly re-read." The Times Educational Supplement"

Book Description

This new holiday book features amazing paper engineering and pop-ups from the same paper engineer that developed the best-selling Snowflakes title. 
This unique pop-up interpretation of a beloved Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale is destined to be another classic to be enjoyed for years by the entire family.

From the Back Cover

An enchanting tale of friendship and braveryKai and Gerda are best friends who would do anything for each other. 
So when Kai begins to act cruelly, Gerda knows that something has gone terribly wrong—and when he disappears, she knows she is the only one who can find him.
Gerda sets off on an epic journey, facing three great trials before finally discovering Kai at the palace of the evil Snow Queen.
But can Gerda break the Snow Queen's enchantment and pass the final test?This Hans Christian Andersen favorite is a timeless story of love and friendship.
Readers young and old will once again fall under the spell of this magical fairy tale with lavish new illustrations by master artist Bagram Ibatoulline.

About the Author

Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author and poet best remembered for his fairy tales, both original and retold, including the beloved classics "Thumbelina," "The Emperor's New Clothes," "The Fir Tree," "The Steadfast Tin Soldier," "The Princess and the Pea," "The Red Shoes," "The Ugly Duckling," and "The Snow Queen." 


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  •     The pop-ups and illustrations are fantastic fairy-tale artwork. To check it out further you can look for a video online of this version. The pop-up execution is really detailed. If you are a fan of the story, you must know this is abridged, and quite so. It is fabulous for a pop-up collection, or a Snow Queen fan, but not without the full story in a separate book. The biggest disappointment is that this book did not have a pop-up for the last scene (just words). It would have been wonderful to portray the happy ending in full color and dimension.For those with tender children: the original scene with the robber-girl (with the knife and all) is either left out or altered till it is not all that scary, if at all. One of the pop-ups (this first one if I remember correctly) is of a scary-looking goblin and he is all over the page in his scariness. (Search for the video if this is a concern).

  •     A beautiful book and my niece loved receiving it.

  •     I like it because its really amazing. ; )

  •     Who doesn't love open up books!!?? This gem has some of the most elaborate and breathtaking artwork I've even come across.

  •     What an incredibly beautiful work of art!

  •     After I watched the you tube video displaying this pop-up book I had to order it! While Matthew Rhinehart and Robert Sabuda have been getting the most attention and praise for their pop-up designs, especially their pop-up encyclopedia series, they seem to have a close rival with the russian sounding name," Yevgeniya Yeretskaya! Her new pop-up version of THE SNOW QUEEN by Hans Christian Anderson, has stunning ink line drawn pop-up pictures painted with delicate looking watercolours that depict the abduction of young boy Kai by the cold, lovely Snow Queen! I received this order after I had gotten the order for the russian animated The Snow Queen - Golden Antelope - Bench - Cyclist - Fence (DVD NTSC) in russian with english subtiles! Like this pop-up book that film is faithful to Anderson's original text as he described the adventures of Young Gerda as she searched the world for her best friend Kai and found him at last in the Snow Queen's palace! Each pop-up illustration has a light amount of sparkle glued near the outlines of the figures to give a pretty glistening effect that feels approprite to a story that has a winter theme. The whole book has a Christmas greeting card effect! The 2 pop-ups, the Snow Queen and Kai in her sled pulled by white horses and the Snow Queen's ice palace where Gerda has found Kai at last both stand out in this lovely book! I highly recommend both this book and the russian animated THE SNOW QUEEN that has been restored by "Films by Jove" Read my review of THE SNOW QUEEN animated film on amazon.com!

  •     Stunningly beautiful in every way. The thought and detail that has been put into this book make it second to none. This would make a beautiful gift too.

  •     Incredible book, wow! So detailed, just gorgeous. It is fragile, so not for young kids.

  •     grandkids loved it

  •     This book is an intricate work of art.

  •     This "Snow Queen" book is a concise edited version with fabulous drawings that illustrate the adventures of Gerda as she searches for her friend Kai. I was compelled to reread "Snow Queen" after seeing Disney's "Frozen" and this was the perfect edition for me. It's actually subtitled "A Retelling" of the Hans Christian Andersen tale because it's condensed from the original. Despite its brevity, it captures all the main elements of the classic story. The best feature of this handsome hardcover is the colorful and imaginative illustrations by Bagram Ibatoulline: the wicked troll whose mirror blinds Kai and freezes his heart; the old woman, the crow, the prince and princess, and the robber girl who help Gerda in her quest; the northern lights that guide the way to the Snow Queen; and the Snow Queen herself. The book is aimed at kids ages 4-8 but I don't see why anyone of any age couldn't enjoy it. I'm middle-aged and it's a lovely addition to my book collection.

  •     My granddaughter loves this book. Pop ups are well done and sturdy.

  •     This is an amazingly beautiful book. The intricate popups make it one of the prettiest popup books we own. My granddaughter loved the story. Parts of the story are hidden within the popups in the book so you have to watch for them. I'm amazed at the beauty of these popups and the wonderful artwork that goes into making them. But, like I said, it's not just the artwork that makes this book special - the story is one of childhood friendship that grows into love. Beautiful. My copy was split on the back cover near the spine - it was like this because they shipped it in a soft mailing envelope and the pressure of being crushed in shipping caused the spine to crack. Since it was only a few days before Christmas with no hope of replacing it - I used an acid free, flexible glue and repaired it. You can't see where the split was - so my granddaughter never knew.

  •     I bought this book for my daughter for Christmas; but really, I bought it mostly because I thought it would be a unique addition to our book collection. This book will not disappoint! It is truly a work of art. Absolutely gorgeous. My daughter is 5 1/2 and has a great appreciation and respect for books. When she received this, I explained to her that this book is very special and she has to be careful with it. She will spend lots of time carefully looking at the pictures, mesmerized by the colors and pop ups and insists to read this before bed every night. This book would not be ideal for a child under 5. From experience, I can say that kids under 5 will most likely rip up a pop up book. To have this one ripped up would be a shame. This book is truly beautiful and a wonderful addition to any collection, and a joy to read for adults and children alike.

  •     The Snow Queen is one of my favorite childhood stories, so I was really excited to find this version as a gift to share with a friend. The pop-ups in this book are intricate and beautiful, and they really bring the story to life. They are colorful and detailed, and seem sturdy enough to withstand a good amount of handling.The only thing I found a little troublesome was the size and color of the story text - it's a bit small, in my opinion, and somewhat hard to see in places because it doesn't contrast enough with the background color. It might be difficult to read for some people.Overall, though, I am very pleased with the product and I am excited to share this story with my friend.

  •     I have a collection of about 10 pop-up books and this one is the best I've ever seen. The art work, detail and color are unsurpassed. There is also a lot more to read than the typical pop-up book - it covers most of Hans Christian Anderson's lengthy story. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

  •     Gorgeous book.


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