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The Adventures of Pinocchio: A Novelization

Press: Scholastic Paperbacks; First edition (August 1996)
Publication Date:1996-8
Author Name:J. J. Gardner,Carlo Collodi


A mischievous animated puppet, Pinnochio is able to walk and  talk and get into trouble but longs to become a real boy, and with the  aid of a talking cricket, he learns the difference between right and  wrong. 
Movie tie-in.

From School Library Journal

Grade 3 Up Librarians are often faced with the dilemma of adult patrons who frequently request this book for their children, expecting the Disney version, and, when given the original, reject it as too frightening. 
But the original version is filled with events which are considered frightening fare; it has frequent violent turns of fate and a jerky, wild plot.
This newest version will probably come close to a happy medium between Pinocchio as he really is and as people want him to be.
Both illustrations and text emphasize the buoyant, irresistible, and innocent verve of Pinocchio, who is never deterred by the often morbid events around him.
The full-color illustrations, both full- and half-page, mostly feature Pinocchio, who here is a cute little marionette with a faint resemblance to his Disney doppelganger.
The prose is conversational and would make a nice read-aloud choice.
Kay McPherson, Central Atlanta-Fulton Public LibraryCopyright 1987 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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From Booklist

2-4, younger for reading aloud.
This retelling of a classic story raises a question: does modernizing and truncating the story to popularize it, lose the essence and charm of the original? The answer, of course, is, "It depends on how it's done." The classic, illustrated by Attilio Mussino, is 310 pages.
For his picture-book-size, 96-page version, the editors have cut episodes, minimized details, and abbreviated the dialogue.
Eliminated are such elements as the Land of the Busy Bees and notes to the reader, and nicknames have been updated (the Lovely Maiden with Azure Hair is now the Blue Fairy).
The emphasis is on the magical aspects of the tale, and the heavy moral tone of the original has been replaced by a more child-friendly approach.
The new full-page, turn-of-the-century-style illustrations, in watercolor, ink, and paint wash, are lively, spirited, and appealing.
Certainly, the editorial changes bring a smooth flow to the story, and the attractive new look, with large print, will entice the young audience to whom Pinocchio's escapades most appeal.
Isn't that what retellings should do? Julie CumminsCopyright © American Library Association.
All rights reserved

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"Pinocchio was not just a puppet creation, but a symbol of a newly unified Italian nation."  —Guardian

Language Notes

Text: English, Italian (translation)

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About the Author

Carlo Lorenzini (1826 – 1890), better known by the pen name Carlo Collodi, was an Italian children's writer known for the world-renowned fairy tale novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio. 
Lorenzini had won fame as early as 1856 with his novel In vapore and had also begun intense activity on other political newspapers such as Il Fanfulla; at the same time he was employed by the Censorship Commission for the Theatre.
During this period he composed various satirical sketches and stories.
In 1875, he entered the domain of children's literature with Racconti delle fate, a translation of French fairy tales by Perrault.
He died in Florence in 1890, unaware of the fame and popularity that awaited his work.

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  •     I grew up in Italy and this is the real Macoy. Every Italian grows up reading Collodi's masterpiece while looking at Attilio Mussino's illustrations. This is the Pinocchio we imagine. When I first saw Disney's Pinocchio, I was shocked! So cute and kind... there is nothing to learn from the Disney video. Collodi's Pinocchio, on the other hand, is a child who lacks every sense of altruism, who needs to be educated. Collodi wrote various children's books, always with a pedagogical intent.This is a book for parents to read with their children. It helps remind parents that an apple needn't be peeled, and it helps kids eat the apple with the peel. If you're having problems with your first grader, this is a pedagogical and fun book for all the family.

  •     Mildly amusing.

  •     One of the classic fairy tales of all time that to this day is being enjoyed by people of all ages.

  •     This is a classic story which I read quickly and enjoyed.

  •     Its a classic and nothing like the disney's animation.

  •     Darkly hilarious, very well written. I highly recommend reading this, and the price was very reasonable.

  •     The Adventures of Pinocchio was a copy of the original, not an abridged copy, so I really liked it. It's great to read aloud to children and grandchildren.

  •     I like it

  •     Those categories above don't really work for all books. I read this book because my dear late Mother had made a quilt showing the story when I was much younger.

  •     This is my first reading of the real Pinocchio. I'm reading it aloud to my kids and I have to say I often find myself cracking up at the irony and whit of this book! Not only is it a clever story & well written but the underlying wisdom is absolutely timeless and relevant for our day. My kids are literally yelling out loud to Pinocchio or slapping their foreheads every time he makes another poor choice they are so frustrated with him. It's so great! Makes for wonderful discussion as well. Highly recommend!!

  •     An interesting book I read the first chapter and it was really really good I'm gonna give it five stars it's quite strange but because of that it's great and totaly legeable great book

  •     This was a total disappointment. There are no illustrations. It is just text, and not very well done at that. Not fit to be sold as a children's book. The picture implies that it is a reprint of one of the early editions, which were excellent, but that's not what it is.

  •     I love the concept of reading original texts, especially of classic stories. However, like a lot of classic fairy tales, this gets a bit dark and gritty. My kids (7 and 4) were troubled to the point of tears. Mom fail. I ended up editing a lot as I read aloud to them to resolve the drama and get through the storyline. Later I found an adaptation that I really liked better for them at their ages. Maybe when they are older, we will revisit the book and they'll appreciate more of the author's cleverness.

  •     This story requires us to use our own imagination and soundtrack, instead of relying on modern day animation. The basic moral of the story remains the same as it did in the early 1800s when the book was written. I like the book very much and I am anxious to read it to my granddaughter when she gets a little older.

  •     great read

  •     Gave it to all my grandchildren for Christmas! A beautiful keepsake.❤


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