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Easy-Peasy Recipes: Snacks and Treats to Make and Eat

Press:Perseus Running Press (May 29, 2012)
Publication Date:2012-5
Author Name:Berman, Karen


Colorful and straightforward, Easy-Peasy Recipes features delicious, nutritious, and fun snack recipes that young kids can make on their own. 
No stoves, ovens, or sharp knives are involved in the thoroughly followable step-by-step illustrated instructions.
Yummy snacks like Dig This Pineapple Parfait and Captain Taco Salad can be easily assembled in just a few steps.
Kids will discover the pleasure of making their own food with healthy, easy-to-find ingredients, plenty of room for experimentation, and absolutely no need for parental supervision!


Tucson Citizen/King Features"….this collection of kid-friendly recipes with step-by-step instructions …shows kids that they can make delicious snacks and meals on their own and feel like a chef. 
"Hayden, age 5, Sacramento Book Review“This book is lots of fun for kids and great for moms too.”

About the Author

Karen Berman is a writer and editor specializes in food and lifestyle topics. 
Her books include Friday Night Bites: Kick Off the Weekend with Recipes and Crafts for the Whole Family.
She has contributed to the New York Times and writes for a variety of publications online and in print She lives with her daughter in Connecticut.Doreen M.
Marts is a freelance illustrator and designer who has worked at such places as Marvel Comics and Russ Berrie.
She was born in in Long Island, NY and now lives in Lake Hopatacong, NJ with her daughter and Puggle pup, Baxter Blue Cheese.
You can visit her online at doreenmarts.com.


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  •     I bought this book for my nephew, but I won't give it to him for a year or two. His mother is a chef and he LOVES pretending to cook, so I thought this would be a cute STARTER book for him around age 4. I purposely chose this book because it had obvious colorful themes for each recipe, which I liked. The images are simple and the kids still feel like they're looking at a kid's book, not just an instruction manual. Before they can read the recipes they can see the pictures, and get a little help from parent's or siblings on things they don't understand (like what a tortilla is or how much is a tablespoon).I do remember as a child thinking things like "cheese on bread that's cut into shapes" hardly counted as cooking, and I'm sure he will too if he's already preparing plastic boiled crabs in his mini kitchen at the ripe age of 2. But there are some things I can tell he'll like doing, or like being able to tell his parents what he's doing, like the taco salad. Sometimes it's not about what a kid is doing, but their ability to tell someone else very authoritatively what they're doing as if THEY'RE the teacher. I think this will boost his confidence in that way and will be a special thing HE has that his mom "doesn't know" yet.


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