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Up We Grow!: A Year in the Life of a Small Local Farm

Press: Kids Can Press (August 1, 2010)
Author Name:Hodge, Deborah; Harris, Brian;


Up We Grow! is an informative and inspiring book highlighting the importance of small, local farms.Heartwarming photos invite children into the world of a small, co-operative farm over four seasons. 
Readers will get to know the hardworking farmers who plow, plant, compost, mulch, harvest and market fruits and vegetables, and care for animals.Rarely has the important work of a farm been so lovingly presented in photos and text.
The book focuses on production as well as the human interaction that makes up small-scale, local farm culture.
Children will discover people of all ages and abilities working together to grow and share food, while protecting and respecting the land and animals we depend upon for our sustenance.


Filled with sensory descriptions, the rhythmic text gives a strong sense of life on the farm and in the field, and direct questions create interactive opportunities for adults and kids to talk about each scene together.―Booklist

About the Author

Deborah Hodge is a former educational consultant and curriculum designer and the author of the Kids Can Press Wildlife series. 
She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.Brian Harris is an award-winning photographer with many years of experience in photography and project management for not-for-profit organizations such as FarmFolk/CityFolk.
His photographs appear in Up We Grow! He is a proponent of sustainable living and makes his home in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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Comment List (Total:4)

  •     I've always been interested in farming life. Although I'm afraid of every creepy crawly that exists, so I'll never be able to do this myself, the subject simply fascinates me. Especially today, when I buy the majority of our foods at the farmers market.So this book is right up my alley. I like that it speaks directly to the reader, not as if it's telling a story, but directly to you, as if a teacher is patiently, and completely, explaining the different aspects of farming, from growing plants to raising animals. It's divided into seasons to describe what happens at the farm during different times of the year. As a bonus, the pictures are as descriptive as the words on the page.The author mentions composting - another subject I love. But, again, I'm afraid of the little bugs. I need to get over it, fast.Both of my daughters enjoyed this book. LuLu likes the sowing of seeds, since she's planting plants at school. She's trying to earn her green thumb. Coco liked the photo of the ladybug and the one with the baby who had raspberry pie all over her face. It was really cute!Reviewed for Arms of a Sister

  •     This book has a tender way about it that warms the heart. Beautifully photographed and well written, I recommend this book to everyone who loves farms, farmers and all the rural lifestyle entails.

  •     The title and cover did not beg me to look into this book, but by the first page, I was hooked (and even better -- so was my 6-year-old son).The book is divided into four sections and opens with Spring telling us "the signs of new life everywhere!" The full page photo on the right is a beautiful picture of a robin on some sort of old red farm machinery -- artistic and captivating and beautiful. Under the text on the left there is a picture of a sweet baby goat with her mama (and yes, that's some good photography if I'm calling a goat cute).When my son and I looked at this together, we were only going to read one section, but we couldn't stop without finishing, so we found out about life on the farm in spring, summer, fall and winter.We learn not only about what it takes to grow crops, but also about the people who have to work the farm.I loved this book. Deborah Hodge's informative yet interactive text and Brian Harris spectacular photos are beyond compare.Not only have I given it 5 Stars, but it's one of my favorite nonfiction picture books -- certainly that was published this year.

  •     This is excellent. My second grader is learning about how our community relies on farmers and where all that delicious food on our table comes from. I can't think of a better supplement to his social studies unit than Up We Grow! unless it's a trip to a farm itself. Get up close and personal with a bounty of photographs detailing life on the farm along with a friendly narrative that introduces children to the importance of small, local farms. Educational, interesting and fun. - Biblio Reads Children's Book Review


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