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Around The World Cookbook

Press: DK Publishing (June 2, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-6
Author Name:Dodge, Abigail Johnson


With foods like hummus and Pad Thai becoming as common as meatloaf and apple pie, it s no surprise that international foods are hotter than ever. 
Kids today are growing up in an increasingly multicultural world, and with Around the World: An International Cookbook for Children, they can eat like it, too! While cooking these traditional cuisines, kids also learn about the countries they re from: how a tandoor oven works, what smorgasbord really means, and how to make a croque monsieur into a croque madame.
Together with DK s fun and innovative visual style, the information and recipes in this unique cookbook tie in beautifully with school curriculum and make it an essential part of every young foodie s library.

From Booklist

Cookbooks for youth are a robust genre in publishing right now, and this title belongs to a particularly burgeoning group, which offers a global overview of cuisines. 
The fact-filled, browsable format organizes the recipes into somewhat arbitrary regions of origin (dishes from India and Indonesia are grouped with Australian recipes rather than with the other Asian offerings, for example).
The introductory material includes a glossary of equipment and terms, as well as clear explanations of basic techniques, such as measuring ingredients and separating egg whites.
Most recipes are printed on colorful, busy pages with color photos of the finished dishes and, often, young people preparing the ingredients.
Safety tips and recommendations for adult assistance appear throughout, and symbols add further prompts for grown-up supervisors.
In addition to the accessible, youth-friendly recipes (cheese quesadillas, mashed potatoes), the frequent sidebars and notes about cultural facts (Goulash comes from the Hungarian word gulyás, which means ‘cowboy.’) make this a strong choice for sharing with eager young cooks.
Grades 4-7.
--Gillian Engberg


"...a strong choice for sharing with eager young cooks." -- Booklist, July 1, 2008"...colorful...appealing [and] easy to follow." -- School Library Journal, July 2008"Yum. 
These easy-to-follow recipes will tempt adults as well as youngsters...Excellent." -- The Virginian-Pilot, June 22, 2008

About the Author

Seasoned and successful cookbook author Abigail Johnson Dodge is a contributing editorat Fine Cooking, where she founded the magazine s test kitchen. 
The author of five popular cookbooks, Dodge s most recent publication, The Weekend Baker, (W.W.
Norton, 2005) had the honor of being named one of the Top Ten Cookbooks of the Year by Food and Wine magazine as well as being named an IACP Cookbook Finalist.
She was also a contributor to Savoring America (Oxmoor House, 2002), which was nominated for a James Beard Award and received the prestigious Ben Franklin Award.In addition to regular appearances on TV and radio, Dodge teaches classes and seminarsat cooking schools around the country, belongs to several food associations including TheInternational Association of Culinary Professionals and the American Institute of Wineand Food, and serves on the National Cutco Culinary Advisory Board.


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  •     What I like most about AROUND THE WORLD COOKBOOK is not that my kids love the marinara, or that my husband raves over the flourless chocolate cakes, but that every recipe I've tried has gone well and tasted great. I know I can trust this cookbook to have more than a couple of hits; the writer has done her homework and ensured that each recipe is a winner, though of course people have varying tastes.An important factor at work here is the WORLD aspect, of course; the writer adapts ethnic recipes to the tastes of children while still pleasing adult palates, and she does it well. Tandoori chicken somehow retains its zing without being too spicy, for example. The chimchurri on the burger is pleasant and fresh.I often search the library for books precisely like this one, as I don't want to "dumb down" my tastes in order to get my kids eating. This cookbook is the best ethnic kids' cookbook I've found.

  •     Every one of Abigail Johnson Dodge's cookbooks are GREAT. One is better than the next. You should own them all.

  •     This cookbook is not only beautiful and educational, but there are also some really great recipes in here!

  •     I have been looking for a cookbook that could inspire my three boys (ranging from ages 7 to 10) to sample foods outside their normal range.

  •     I love the recipes in this book. My daughter enjoys picking out recipes for when she plays restaurant, even preparing her own "international menu" by marking the countries of...

  •     This beautiful book is written for children to follow, but I have found it colorful, easy and enjoyable for adults, as well.

  •     Perfect not only for kids wanting to make something to eat that's interesting, not too difficult, and delicious, but we have found it just right for those nights when we want to eat well but don't want to work too hard to do so. My three kids from 16-20 have made this their Go-To book when they need to cook for themselves as well.

  •     Don't let the fact that this is a kids' cookbook fool you. That just means that (1) the ingredients will all be easy to find and prepare (yay for that!

  •     The book came in the exact same condition as advertised on the site. It was clean, binding was in great shape, no tears, no stains, all in all a great purchase.

  •     A great cookbook that is geared to having your kids help out. Lots of great recipes from all over the world, giving you new experiences to flavor and creations.

  •     This is a gift for my niece, along with an apron and colored cooking utensils. She is just beginning to get interested in helping out if the kitchen, so I think she will like...

  •     Was NOT what I expected!I've made purchases like this before with items in much better condition.Should have been truthful and said binding was disconnected from book!Terrible!

  •     The first word that comes to my mind is 'fun'. It was fun not only for the kids to make, but unlike the recipes in a lot of kid's cook books, we found the results to be completely delicious. It is refreshing to see a cook book that introduces youngsters to dishes from other countries and cultures.

  •     This is a cook book for everyone - busy adults as well as children can learn simple receipes along with a geography refresher. Some receipes do offer more challenges, a great starter to learn terms and techniques. Easy and fun to read and cook. Inspires culinary and cultural exploration. A great book to share in the kitchen.

  •     This sturdy cookbook is a geography-and-cooking compendium that most kid cooks will find challenging, to say the least. After an introductory Basics: Getting Started chapter in which kids learn how to perform cooking steps, understand specialized words, respect sharp tools and power tools, and perform clean up, the text is divided into six geographic sections with recipes: Asia (Salmon teriyaki, Miso soup, Bok choy stir fry, Vegetable fried rice, Shrimp pad Thai, Vietnamese lettuce rolls) ; India-Indonesia-Australasia (Lemony lamb skewers, ANZAC biscuits, Pavlova, Tandoori chicken legs, Cauliflower and pea curry); Middle East-Africa-Mediterranean (Flourless chocolate cakes, Tabbouleh, Greek pork kebabs, Marinara sauce, Caprese salad, Vanilla panna cotta, Leb Lebi, Bobotie, Gazpacho, Ratatouille, Croque monsieur); Russia-Northern Europe (Apple nut Brussels sprouts, Warm German potato salad, Pfeffernusse, Instant Swiss hot chocolate, Chicken paprikash, Roasted beets, Swedish meatballs, Mashed potatoes, Shepherd's pie, Yorkshire pudding, Scones) ; South America-Mexico-Caribbean (Burgers with chimichurri, Roasted sweet potato fries, Fresh tomato salsa, Classic cheese quesadillas, Jicama slaw, Mexican chocolate pudding, Jamaican jerk chicken, Tostones, Cuban black bean soup) ; United States and Canada (Jambalaya, Southern-style cornbread, Apple oatmeal crumble, Crispy parmesan baked cod, Summer succotash, Canadian butter tarts). Three additional sections include: Pocket Food Around the World; Cheese Around the World; Flatbreads Around the World. An index and acknowledgements wrap things up. Most recipes are a handsome double-page spread with a photo of the finished food; every recipe lists ingredients, equipment, directions (including a cautionary symbol for "hot" or "electric" or "sharp"); some recipes include variations and others include tips on cooking. This is a stunningly visual cookbook, and the introductory geography pages are concise but chock full of information. While there are other similar titles (Kids' Cookbook: Recipes from Around the World by Rosalba Gioffre, Frances Lee and Karen Ward; The Kids Multicultural Cookbook by Deanna Cook, for example) this one is most comparable to Emeril's There's A Chef in my World: Recipes That Take You Places with good old Mr. Bam on every page. The only criticism that could be lowered at this lovely volume is that shopping might be a challenge; even after half a century of shopping, I'd be mystified where to find some of the ingredients for some of these recipes, quite frankly. This cookbook would well serve elementary through high school, but special needs kids will find the print lists of ingredients challenging because of small print. Interior spiral wire-binding with hardcovers and heavy duty pages will stand up to lots of use. Abigail Johnson Dodge is a contributing editor at Fine Cooking Magazine and the author of five cookbooks including The Kid's Cookbook, Kids Baking and Weekend Baker. She makes frequent TV and radio appearances and teaches at cooking schools around the country.

  •     My family has been a BIG fan of Abigail Dodge's Childrens' cookbooks and we were not dissapointed with her new book. My 7 year old and I have been working through the book and we have enjoyed every recipe and my husband has REALLY enjoyed the fruits of our labor. The recipes are very easy, but are very tasty. My 7 year old definitely needs my help, but for an older child it would be smooth sailing. What I like about the recipes is that altho they are Kid Friendly, you certainly would not be shy to serve these recipes to adults.Some of our favorite recipes are the Tandori Chicken Legs, The Shrimp Pad Thai, and the TO-Die-For Flourless Chocolate Cake.Also, besides the great recipes, it has been fun for my daughter to read about the different countries that the recipes are based on. All in all it is a fun, beautifully illustrated, and yummy cookbook. I would reccomend it to any aspiring young chef!!!! or an old seasoned cook like me!!!!!

  •     This is a fantastic cooking for any kid and a great way for a basic cook to expand their repertoire. Every recipe is fantastic - and I've tried almost all of them. This is the best recipe for scones I've tried. Recipes all have fewer than 6 ingredients. There are super clear instructions and good pictures. What I really like the variety - from a pavlova dessert with teriyaki salmon to scones or pannecotte. I originally bought this for my son, but use it myself all the time. I have given it as a gift to both my mother-in-law, who wanted to try some more 'exotic' fare and to my brother-in-law who loves good food but can't really cook. Highly recommended.

  •     My grandson loves the book and we have great plans for cooking meals inspired by these recipes.


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