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Super-Duper Cupcakes: Kids' Creations from the Cupcake Caboose

Press:Sterling Pub Co Inc Sterling (August 1, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-9
Author Name:Cohen, Elaine


These cupcakes—from the owner of the Cupcake Caboose Company—are the yummiest and best looking ever! They come in sweet chocolate or creamy vanilla, dyed and decorated with dazzling designs. 
Best of all, every kid can make one.
Ambitious little bakers will enlist a parent’s help and start from scratch, using the well-illustrated recipes for both cupcakes and frosting.
Or they might want to get creative with store-bought pastries, mixes, and packaged icings.
Either way, becoming a “cupcake artist” is easy, especially with the handy “cupcake key” to explain which are simplest and which need a little more practice.
It’s delicious fun!


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     Easy Super Duper Cupcakes for Kids and fun to use.

  •     This book has a lot of nifty and cute cupcake ideas....but I think it is mainly meant for kids or beginners. It's nice if you want to make fast and easy cupcakes.

  •     Not the most sophisticated of cupcake books but very cute for kids. Lots of fun ideas that are easier than decorating with frosting. They use a lot of candy pieces to make bunnies and butterflies. Very cute and fun though and it has a few handy recipes for cupcakes and frostings at the beginning of the book.

  •     The book is full of surprises and easy recipes to follow and scrumptiously designed. It's like a delicious layer cake you want to display let alone make.

  •     Transform a yummy recipe for basic cupcakes to an array of artistic creations to observe holidays or just show off your creative flair.

  •     This book is great for kids and adults, the recipes are easy to follow and teach anyone how to create beautiful cupcakes. I can not recommend it more!

  •     Works Great!

  •     I just hosted a cooking theme party at home for my daughter's 8th birthday and "cupcaking" is one of the main activities. Kids used the techniques in this very book to create their own masterpieces. The book itself is very easy to follow for school-age kids (6-9 years old) and the pictures are very nice. Kids were able to follow the procedures, adopt the ideas and twist into their own creation. "Cupcaking" turned to be a blast!It is the perfect book for kids who love cupcaking.

  •     This is a great cookbook. The pictures make it easy to see how it should turn out.

  •     I'm from Australia and we dont get the range of books that appear here on Amazon. I read the reviews to help me purchase items,but I think I just got very excited with my order and shouldnt have purchased this item. I already have several cupcake books. As other reviews have stated this book is great for a kids' cookbook. I was looking for a cupcake book to inspire me - different designs, new things. I think I will shelve this book for when my baby gets a little older. If you are cupcake afficionado looking for more inspiration for yourself, I suggest you skip this purchase, but if you have a child and you'd like to cook together, then this is the book for you.

  •     This book was very simple, something that preschooler would appreciate. Not very creative.....basically using sprinkles and few candy items....again, don't get this if you are wanting something very creative and fun....this weighs heavy on the simple side. Older children will get very bored with this.

  •     You will be amazed at the creative ideas compacted in this book! Our grandchildren have enjoyed cakes with many of the ideas in this book! You will find each page a wonderful challenge to see many happy faces!

  •     I am a beginning baker, and even I think this book is too basic. It shows primarily how to decorate cupcakes, so its not really a recipe book.


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