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Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes

Press:Penguin USA Puffin Books; Reprint edition (November 1, 1997)
Publication Date:1997-11
Author Name:Dahl, Roald/ Blake, Quentin (ILT)/ Baldwin, Jan (PHT)/ Fison, Josie (COM)/ Dahl, Felicity (COM)


Who but Roald Dahl could think up such mouthwatering and deliciously disgusting foods as Lickable Wallpaper, Stink Bugs Eggs, and Eatable Pillows?Now theres a practical guide to making these and other delicacies featured in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,James and the Giant Peach, and Dahl's other books, with easy, step-by-step recipes that range from the delectable to the truly revolting. 
Quentin Blake's illustrations combine with full-color photographs of the luscious results to perfectly capture Roald Dahls wicked sense of fun."Deliciously playful.Dahl, one suspects, would have been tickled." -- Publishers WeeklyThe late Roald Dahl was one of the most beloved storytellers of all time.
Quentin Blake has illustrated more than a dozen books by Roald Dahl.

From Publishers Weekly

Hungry? Perhaps a serving of "Scrambled Dregs" or "Hair Toffee to Make Hair Grow on Bald Men" will hit the spot. 
Recipes for these and the additional delicacies mentioned in the late Roald Dahl's (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) work are hereby adapted for the home kitchen, thanks to the author's widow.
Dahl, one suspects, would have been tickled: the offerings are heavily weighted on the side of sweets, and the order of presentation defies adult logic.
True to the book's title, there are some recipes of questionable kid appeal (the green pea soup from The Witches; or cod, scallions and spices spread on bread and fried, identified as "Mosquitoes' Toes and Wampfish Roes Most Delicately Fried").
The graphics, meanwhile, are deliciously playful: Blake's inimitable, droll drawings interact cleverly with Baldwin's food photography.
For example, cartoony characters clad in pajamas snooze on a silhouetted photo of "Eatable Marshmallow Pillows." Despite the child-oriented tone, a number of recipes require adult participation by virtue of cursory directions or tricky maneuvers (e.g., ensuring that mixtures boil to specific temperatures).
All ages.
Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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From School Library Journal

Grade 3-6?It had to happen: a cookbook based on the extraordinarily fascinating things that are eaten and served up by the characters in Dahl's children's books. 
Here it is, complete with Blake's zanily familiar illustrations creatively combined with full-color photographs.
It features 31 recipes from 11 books?cakes, cookies, drinks, and main dishes?known by such names as "Snozzcumbers" (The BFG), "Wormy Spaghetti" (The Twits), and "Lickable Wallpaper" (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).
Some of the recipes, despite their titles, produce good tasting, recognizable dishes.
Others are works of art.
For example, "Mr.
Twit's Beard Food" is a veritable portrait of himself, composed of mashed-potato base, mushroom-cap nostrils, hardboiled-egg eyeballs, with peas, cornflakes, and baked beans in a potato-stick beard.
Many of the recipes are not for beginning cooks; indeed, cooking appears to be a secondary focus.
The important thing is the association to a Dahl title, a reminder and celebration of his outrageously imaginative books that so many children love.?Carolyn Jenks, First Parish Unitarian Church, Portland, MECopyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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From Booklist

Kids will love the concept--recipes for confections mentioned in Dahl's books--and the book's design is super.
There's just one problem: most of the recipes are too difficult for the intended audience.
Take "Mosquitoes' Toes and Wampfish Roes," a dish mentioned in James and the Giant Peach.
The instructions ask kids to blend cod, ginger scallions, and cornstarch in a food processor, and then, with the motor running, to add egg white from a previously separated egg.
Other recipes call for a piping bag and nozzle, stem ginger in syrup, and--I'm not kidding--a blackbird, described as a black pastry funnel found in specialty cooks' shops.
A note encouraging families to cook these recipes together and warning children to have an adult present when handling knives and other dangerous objects is hidden away on the verso of the title page.
There are a couple of accessible recipes, like fresh mudburgers (hamburgers), but the draw will really be Blake's marvelous drawings, here combined with ingenious photos of food by Jan Baldwin.
Larger collections may want this just because it's so much fun to look at.
Like some adult cookbooks, this is probably more for browsing than for baking.
Ilene Cooper

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

About the Author

Roald Dahl���(1916-1990) was born in Wales of Norwegian pa


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     If I could give this book 6 stars, I would! I love all the things in here and they all taste very good, especially the stickjaw for talkative parents!

  •     Not all excited about the book.

  •     Not exactly what I was looking for

  •     Had this book when I was a child. Love the recipes and they still sound outstanding.

  •     Grand kids love it.

  •     awesome. Features recipes from different Roald Dahl books. Easy but fun.

  •     I remembered this book from when I was a first grader. I don't know what happened to my copy but I'm now a grown woman and I want a new copy! I don't even know how I remembered the name of the author, I had this book two decades ago! That's how good it is, folks! It is so creative in the way Dahl describes what the kids are cooking. The pencils? Brilliant! Wishing I would have gotten to make these things as a kid but my mom would have never let me. Going to try them now! Love, love, LOVE this book!

  •     My great neice loved it. Arrived on time for her Birthday. Also taken into School. Who know's what they think.

  •     Such a fun book for kids or adults! Makes me want to re-read all his books again! The recipes work great and are such fun

  •     don't think these are actually Roald Dahl's recipes. They're probably the recipes of what's now the Roald Dahl Corporation.

  •     I am SO tired of people post 5 star reviews for books that are CLEARLY not worth those five stars. These are not fun revolting recipes.

  •     A total blast. My friends loved the candy coated pencils best. Great for sucking during class. A fun book. With easy to follow instructions. Even my 9 year old sister loves it. YUMMY!

  •     Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes is a great book. And, the best thing about it is, the recipes aren't revolting! If you get this book, I would recommend the recipes you try first are Frogscottle or Hot Frogs. I guaruntee there are recipes that everyone will like in this book. Also, all of the recipes come from books that Roald Dahl has written.

  •     It's weird. Dahl was a writer, not a chef... LOL

  •     This is a very cute idea. I love the thought of connecting Roald Dahl's books to cooking with kids. My main problem with the book is that the recipes aren't very kid friendly and many call for ingredients that wouldn't likely be found in your pantry. That makes it hard to spontaneously decide to do some cooking with your kiddo.

  •     Roald Dahl, the famous story teller. Who hasn't read his all time classic: "Charlie and the Choclate Factory" and its follow up "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" and drool over the many different types of candy featured in these books? From Hot Ice Cream You Can Eat On Cold Days, Candy Pencils You Can Eat In Class and Marshmallow Pillows, this book features all the wonderful treats that were described in Roald Dahl's books.Over fifteen different recipes, this books teaches you how to make these wonderful dishes. Step by step, making these treats couldn't be easier !Illustrated by Quentin Blake with his lively pictures, once you have made the foodstuff, sit back, relax and enjoy the treats with your favourite Roald Dahl book.

  •     This was a big hit with my aspiring chef niece. The recipes are simple fare, but give nice fun twists on easy recipes that will allow her to think imaginatively about food while being fully competent to cook it.

  •     Our grandson is going to love it.


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