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Beginner's Cookbook (Cooking School)

Press:Edc Pub Usborne Books (June 2003)
Author Name:Watt, Fiona


Book by Watt, Fiona


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  •     The one other review of this book, just a few days ago is an excellent commentary on the value of this particular cook book; E. Mennemeyer touches on all the organizational fine points that make this cookbook invaluable to one who is embarking on his or her own in making meals that are nourishing, healthy, and quite simple.For my part, I would tell you that there are over 100 recipes combined in this four part cookbook; the sections, by themselves are individual cookbooks by the same publishing company. I prefer the compendium, right here, as one could prepare a really nice meal for a small gathering of family or friends. There are recipes for vegetarian cooking, for pasta and pizza, for cakes and cookies, and for all sorts of entrees.Each recipe is presented over a 2-page spread, with illustrations to accompany the actual photos of food. There's only one thing better than a photo of a meal; that's eating the meal. There are step by step instructions, following a list of ingredients. In several parts of this combined book, there are tips on healthy eating, measurement of liquids and solids information, cooking hints, utensil preparation, rules of caution, and the index in the back of the book contains an alphabetical listing of the recipes in this book; if you see a v in parentheses, (v), you are advised that this recipe is vegetarian; this in itself is a tool for narrowing down possibilities when you are preparing a meal for guests who favor vegetarian, or for yourself, when "you just feel like tasting vegetarian".Who would benefit from this book? Anyone interested in learning to cook, any parent wanting to teach a child some simple recipes (using the sequential step method), and perhaps, the guy or gal embarking on learning to cook. The step by step pictures and instructions are, by far, the greatest asset to preparing the "cook to be" to cook for the "cook-ees". As Julia and Jacques would say: "Bon appétit!"


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