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Williams Sonoma Kids Baking

Press:Kid's Baking

Press:Leisure Arts Oxmoor House (November 1, 2003)
Publication Date:2003-11
Author Name:Dodge, Abigail J.


Kid`s Baking teaches basic baking techniques through fun, delicious recipes that range from easy to challenging making this a cookbook they can use for many years. 
Kids are taught the importance of being organized, how to cream butter and sugar, how to whip egg whites, how to peel and core fruit, and how to tell when foods are done baking.
Baking terms are defined in a glossary for easy reference.A visual glossary of basic baking equipment is also included.
Kid`s Baking encourages exploration in the kitchen and teaches kids skills they will never outgrow.


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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     Ordered for a granddaughter. She loves it. It shows how to do things and has some decent recipes.

  •     A great first cooking book for children. Pictures and illustrations are clear and easy for little hands.

  •     the recipes are easy enough to follow but the measurements are way off and left a bad taste in my mouth.

  •     i like this book because it is full of pictures and has good foundational cooking technique. My grade school children are able to cook from this book and the food tastes great

  •     My 12 yr old daughter received this cookbook for Christmas since she has shown an interest in baking. This book is perfect for the baker her age. There are great visual aids and verbal descriptions for understanding cooking processes. The recipes are good too. She can make these recipes with very little help (if any) from me. At first I thought it might be a little junvenile for her. I was wrong. I only wish there was a section on cleaning the dishes after she is done. :)

  •     A great cookbook for kids that doesn't talk down to them. My 10 year old son made an incredible apple galette last night. Highly recommended.

  •     Excellent

  •     Omg I rented this book so much I had to get myself my own copy. Love love this cookbook.

  •     I ordered 2 books from 2 different places , one was supposed to be in really good shape used cost $40.

  •     My daughter has really enjoyed using this book. It is beautifully illustrated and has easy to follow instructions. Instead of having the kids take a lot of shortcuts, it focuses on making things from scratch. I am not as skilled in baking as I would like to be, so I think this book is even helpful for the novice adult.

  •     The instructions in this book are clear, and the recipes are good. We've made about 4 recipes in this since we got it for Christmas. The instructions are written so my 6 year-old daughter can understand them, and (with some help) she can understand the recipe. Many of the recipes are made with ingredients that are either around the house or easy to get. I recommend this as a starter book for kids who enjoy being in the kitchen.

  •     Nieces love this cookbook!

  •     I would highly reccommend this book for anyone who has kids who like to bake. I gave it to a little girl whom I spend a lot of time with (don't have my own kids so I'll often spend time being "the fun grownup" with other people's kids). It was a birthday gift: I got her this book and some cookie cutters because she always wants to make cookies when I see her.I love how it's actually at the kids' level, unlike some "kids" cookbooks. It shows them how to do everything they need to do for baking at their level, such as chopping fruit, creaming butter and sugar, kneading bread, and greasing pans. It doesn't show the advanced techniques that they don't need to know and that could put them in danger (e.g. making a sugar syrup or using a water bath). And it tells them that they need to ask an adult's help with some things.The only thing I'd like to see different is there is no note to identify the steps that require adult help. I would like to see these steps in a different color or with a star next to them or something. That would make it easier for the kids to know when to ask for help.

  •     Excellent for my grandchildren. They are thrilled with this book and find it easy to follow .

  •     This book is for anyone wanting to learn the basics of cooking...although I have been cooking since my first Girl Scout's cookbook there were instructions on how to cook some things I have never tried....I first saw this book at my daughter's, it belonged to my ten year old granddaughter. One is never too old to learn new things....

  •     Used book in good condition - good binding - clean crisp pages - Thank you


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