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Chef Bobo's Good Food Cookbook

Press:Meredith Books Meredith Books (October 5, 2004)
Author Name:Surles, Robert W.


Great-tasting dishes handpicked from Chef Bobo’s personal collection that he uses for school lunches—and which school kids have tasted and approved.Recipes written for adults, but easy enough for older children to make.Chef Bobo’s tips on how to bring excitement, fun, and family involvement to home meals.Dozens of heartwarming anecdotes, tips for cooking with kids, and colorful photos of Chef Bobo sprinkled throughout.


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  •     We met Chef Bobo at a birthday dinner for his sister. We loved the food and found that he had published a cookbook. We ordered copies and found the receipes to be varied, interesting, easy to follow and most importnt - delicious! We recommend the cookbook to anyone.

  •     I purhcased this book two years ago for my then 13 year old daughter (an extremely "picky" eater) in the hope that she would expand her food horizons.

  •     I got this book for a great price and it is in excellent condition. Has great recipes made from scratch that are not hard to prepare. Lot's of natural, no additives or preservative recipes.

  •     I can't say enough good things about this book. The recipes are quick and easy to make, no hard to find ingredients, and everything I have tried has been good.

  •     I am a student at The Calhoun School and Chef Bobo has amazing food. Try his cookbook. Try the Gumbo because it's really good!

  •     So far I am pleased, am trying to get my 2 older grandaugthters (8 and 6) into reviewing recipes for their nutritional value, visual appeal, and enjoyment.

  •     This cook book is excelent. We ordered for all our grandkids.

  •     I just love this book! As a mother of 2 boys and a Holistic Health Counselor to many families as well as individuals, this book has been a great resource. The recipes are easy to make and delicious. People of all ages enjoy the food and the children are having fun helping to prepare meals. Thank you Chef Bobo for what you are doing in the school and now sharing it with the world at large. I am buying copies for many people and I hope that more people will become aware of your work and that of your assistants.

  •     Expert culinary teacher Chef Bobo has proven his talent by personally demonstrating to more than 500 children, ranging in temperament from skeptical to finicky, that simple, healthy food can taste great and satisfy a hearty appetite. Chef Bobo's Good Food Cookbook is a recipe book designed especially to help parents create healty and delicious meals for their young ones, but the basic recipes within work wonders for the eating habits of all ages. The importance of instilling good eating habits at a young age cannot be stressed enough, and Chef Bobo's Good Food Cookbook features such great dishes as Chunky Vegetable Soup, Chicken Cacciatora, Rutabaga Fries, Banana Sorbet, and more. In a nation oversaturated with junk food, fast food, soda, store bought cookies and salad dressing with unnecessary fat and calories, canned soups with unhealthy levels of salt, and worse, the need for an easy-to-follow, health living meal guides like Chef Bobo's Good Food Cookbook has never been greater.

  •     The cookbook equivalent to all my favorite CDs and books -- the ones you loan out and never get back. It's okay because you're spreading the good news! I first bought it because I had a picky 6 yr old. Now, *ahem* some years later, we use it for our bonus child of 4.5, and for ourselves! This is NOT just for parents, though it is fast, easy, and healthy. Everything in it is delicious, everything in it is easy, and it uses (and teaches, BTW) great technique. We're a Chef Bobo family for life!

  •     I bought this book after hearing an interview on NPR with Chef Bobo. He talked about the mission of this private school in Manhattan to create healthy meals for their kids. He stressed that costs were comparable to the USDA issued foods most of our public school students eat daily. That aside, his recipes are great. Try the garlic chicken with cilantro, the scallops, the guacamole, the cauliflower soup. These recipes have been favorites of my family in terms of great flavor, available ingredients, quick preparation and great nutrition (in the not boring way). Surprisingly, my least favorite is his treatment of vegetables. They are a little soggy for my taste, but I do like a nice sauted veggie. Also, I cannot comment on his sandwiches because I haven't tried them. No kidding, this is my best cookbook score yet, and, if you have kids with any kind of adventurous spirit, go for this book. As for the scallops, they are awesome. He said his reviewer said they made her want to cry...pretty damn close.

  •     great product

  •     This one has great food for the little people. Well received by mothers concerned about what their kids consume.

  •     Book was delivered promptly. I just love this book. Bought it on a reccomendation by another mom, and I think it's super.


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