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Joshua James Likes Trucks (Revised Edition) (Rookie Readers: Level A)

Press:Scholastic Library Pub Scholastic Library Publishing (September 1, 1999)
Publication Date:1999-9
Author Name:Petrie, Catherine/ Scheuer, Lauren (ILT)/ Snyder, Joel (ILT)


Joshua James likes all kinds of trucks, big trucks, little trucks, trucks that go up, and trucks that go down.


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  •     Really like this book. My sons name is Joshua James so it was a cute book for a boy who loves trucks.

  •     My son loves this book! He is eighteen months old and loves all vehicles, but this book is teaching him about opposites, big and small, long and short, and also directions up, down, and around. I think he also likes the fact that is has paper pages but is a nice small size for his hands. There is a lot of nice additional learning at the end for when he gets a little older, too. My husband thinks it is annoying and boring, but it is perfect for toddlers and probably preschoolers.

  •     I discovered this book in the library with my first child. He was about two years old, and this was his favorite book. I must have read it to him at least ten times a day. He is now six, and has a baby brother who has discovered books too. I decided we needed a copy for him, and ordered. The book has very simple, easy to read words and concepts like "big trucks and small trucks", with lots of colorful pictures. It's an easy first reader. Joshua James Likes trucks- and so do my boys.

  •     First bookmy eldest read straight through, first book my youngest read himself. Something magic about this one!


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