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Cars (Eye Openers)

Press:Simon & Schuster Merchandise & Little Simon (September 1, 1991)
Author Name:Royston, Angela


Examines the parts of a car and different types such as a sedan, convertible, racing car, and sports car.


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  •     Not as great as the other books in this series but still fun for our 2 year old.

  •     This book has been a favorite of my 3.5 year old son for a year and a half now. He enjoys the clear illustrations and straightforward text that accompanies them.Each 2 page spread features one type of car--a convertible, a sedan, a vintage car, a sports car, a race car, a jeep, and a police car. The pictures are clear and detailed, allowing the children to learn more easily about the different types of vehicles. The book builds vocabulary and has helped my son (and me) a lot in classiying his growing hot wheels car selection.One more advantage. Ususally the text of such encyclopedic books is not exactly linear--blurbs of information appear on different places on teh page, making it harder for the toddler to follow and understand the text. This is not the case with this book. The text is straightforward and simple and flows easily. Blurbs of additional facts and information are limited to naming different illustrations of parts of the car.


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