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Thomas Comes to Breakfast (Thomas & Friends) (Step into Reading)

Press:7-09999 Random House Books for Young Readers (June 22, 2004)
Publication Date:2004-6
Author Name:Rev. W. Awdry


Thomas is convinced that he can drive himself! When he heads off on his own, he learns that stopping can be harder than starting. 
This classic story, originally by the Reverend W Awdry, has been adapted to appeal to the reader who is just beginning to read.
Includes fun language building activities.

About the Author

In 1944, a country vicar, the Reverend W Awdry, wrote the stories he had been telling his two young sons about a group of engines with very recognizable personalities. 
In 1945, the first book featuring Thomas and the other Really Useful Engines was published, and in the 60 years since, the tales of these friendly engines have become beloved classics around the world.


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  •     This reading readiness book shows Thomas in a big accident. He admits it's his fault and although no one is hurt there is property damage. Sort of like a train accident instead of a car accident analogy.

  •     The book �Thomas comes to Breakfast� is about Thomas the tank Engine he is told that he is a great engine so he goes off without his driver and ends up ruining everything.

  •     My son loves this book so much :)

  •     There are so many great kids books out there, it amazes me that a publisher could produce such a bad book.

  •     My 6-year-old grandson's very favorite book, so I ordered several more to pass out to young nieces and nephews. A Thomas book anyway, how can you miss, but this is his favorite.

  •     "It is morning. Thomas wants to drive on his own. Thomas starts to go. He can not stop." -From the bookThomas Comes to Breakfast is a Step 1 "Step into Reading" book, and is also a write-in reader.Thomas gets the idea that he can run on the track all by himself...without the help of a driver! He ends up crashing into a house where a family is eating breakfast. Donald and Douglas-the Scottish twins-are called in to help Thomas out of the mess. They laugh at Thomas, and the family is mad at him.This book is geared to beginning readers and writers, and provides several exercises for children to do. For example, there's a page asking "What can you do on your own?" and the child is instructed to draw a picture of it. There are other sections to draw a mad face and sad face, a match the items section (very basic), mathing things that make you stop, and a section to write the beginning letter of four words whose picture is on the previous page.While Thomas Comes to Breakfast is supposedly geared to children of Preschool and Kindergarten age, the writing exercise is confusing and too difficult, in my opinion. The other exercises are age appropriate, however.Douglas and Donald laugh at Thomas and his plight, but this story is one of the mild ones with regards to the engines taunting one another.

  •     Nice little book.

  •     My three year old is an AVID Thomas fan! We have several other Thomas "Step Into Reading" books that we love, so I was very disappointed with this one. I really wanted to get his for him after I saw the episoide on PBS of "Thomas Comes to Breakfast." I thought it was so cute and Thomas learned a very good lesson about not being so boastful and that he needs to rely on other people, like his engineers; it also didn't have Donald or Douglas in it either. The book is NOTHING like the episoide. In fact, Thomas learns nothing! The very last sentence goes something like this: "Thomas learned his lesson until next time..." (I don't have the book in front of me for actual quote), and it shows a picture of him smiling and peeking out the window with one eye, like he's plotting to do it all over again. I also personally don't like the write in book. After one time reading it and drawing all over it, he can't use those portions anymore! It is also annoying to read as a bedtime story because my son wants to hop out of bed to grab crayons and do his "homework." A lot of times, I just skip over those parts. I would like it much better if the write-in part was a seperate booklet to doodle in or was at the end of the book.My son does like the book though, and thinks it's funny when Thomas has egg all over his nose.

  •     Had it for a week and the pages have fallen out

  •     I purchased this book to add to my son's (4 y/o) collection of books. He's loves books and Thomas the train.

  •     Great story and fun exercises to reinforce what they read. Perfectly described by the other reviewer except our Kindergartener did not have any trouble with the exercises.


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