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Flight: The journey of Charles Lindbergh

Press: The Trumpet Club; A Trumpet Club special ed edition (1993)
Publication Date:1993-1
Author Name:Robert Burleigh


Offers the historic and dramatic story of Charles Lindbergh and  his flight across the ocean, the first solo Atlantic crossing ever,  which brought him from the United States to Paris with only two  compasses and the stars as his guides. 

About the Author

Robert Burleigh has published poems, reviews, essays, many filmstrips and videos, and more than 40 children's picture books. Born and raised in Chicago, he graduated from DePauw University (Greencastle, Indiana) and later received an MA in humanities from the University of Chicago. 
His  books - including numerous unpublished ones! - run a broad gamut, from stories geared for pre-schoolers to survival stories and biographies aimed at seven to eleven-year-olds.

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Comment List (Total:10)

  •     Great photos!

  •     The book's front cover was torn and looked like a sticker had been ripped off which also ripped off the author's name and some of the illustration. Several pages were worn and one looked like it had a coffee stain on it.

  •     The Dramatic story of an American Hero, the first to fly over the Atlantic Charles Lindbergh. This was a great book with good information and dates about Lindbergh's journey.

  •     A well written and illustrated book about Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis!

  •     Mike Wimmer's art grabs the eye immediately and doesn't let go. The brief, staccato storytelling is effective, but mainly as an augment to the beautiful visuals, perhaps contrary to expectations. Through the use of atmospheric colors and close-up views of Lindbergh and his plane, you're there to share the thrill, exhilaration, and terror of the solitary pilot. This is a perfect book to convey the excitment of flying--especially its early days--to young readers, and a fine tribute to one of America's great men.

  •     As an educator, this is far and away one of my very favorite children's books, and certainly one of the best biographies I've ever read. It's incredibly moving and even brought me to tears the first time I read it. A perfect book to read every May 21st to captivate all your young readers. I recommend this for grades 2 and up, the younger readers with better attention spans would also love it as well. Highly recommend!

  •     Great book for my class to use with the study of biographies.

  •     Great book for all ages

  •     This is a wonderful story, well-written and well-illustrated. This condensed (because it's a picture book) story of Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic grabs the reader from the start: will the heavily laden plane lift higher than the telephone wires on takeoff, or will it tangle and crash? The reader is dragged into the cockpit along with Lucky Lindy and doesn't emerge until the end. The fog, the ice, the long dark night, the leaving of the last tip of North American land, the spotting of a fishing boat on the other side -- all these and more the reader experiences on this momentous flight, in this wonderful book. Highly Recommended.

  •     The story of Lindbergh's 1927 Atlantic crossing. The brilliant illustrations and text capture the danger and elation of that flight.


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