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Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator (Childhood of Famous Americans (Pb))

Press: Perfection Learning (October 1, 1986)
Publication Date:1986-10
Author Name:Stevenson, Augusta; Robinson, Jerry;


One of the most popular series ever published for young Americans, these classics have been praised alike by parents, teachers and librarians. 
With these lively, inspiring, ficitonalized biographies - easily read by children of eight and up - today's youngster is swept right into history.

About the Author

Augusta Stevenson was a writer of children’s books and a teacher. 
She wrote several Childhood of Famous Americans titles, including books about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Paul Revere, Sitting Bull, Benjamin Franklin, and Molly Pitcher.

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Abraham Lincoln  

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This series of vignettes from Lincoln's life, as the series states, deals with his childhood in the main but does end a day or two before his assassination. 
Each of the vignettes could almost stand by itself, and the entire work has the quality of a hagiography.
Lloyd James has a soft, resonant baritone that is easily understandable.
Using the same basic voice for narrative as well as dialogue, his understated reading changes inflection skillfully to distinguish characters.
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  •     I am always looking for something good on Lincoln for children because I am a teacher. This is a good one for young children.

  •     Abraham Lincoln the Great Emancipator is a book written by Augusta Stevenson. It is 192 page biography.Abe lived in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.

  •     Grandson is a huge fan., Great product

  •     This has been one of the more interesting biographys I read. This book focoses in more on his childhood than more on his life in polotics.

  •     Augusta Stevenson did a fine job with this biography of our 16th President. This book focuses on the childhood of this great man and touches on his many incredible...

  •     This is not a biography, per se. The "Childhood of Famous Americans" books are a series of fictionalized accounts of the youth of famous Americans. The conversations and scenarios are made up, to show the character formation of the famous person. The places and names of people seem biographical; the situations are probably not.Having said that... we like this series very well.The Abraham Lincoln book conveys the values and choices that children would do well to adopt. But it is subtle -- the chapters are entertaining and engaging. The few illustrations are very clear and good.My kids are 6 and 3 -- I read the story out loud to them. They listened and enjoyed the book. They asked a lot of questions, about early settlers and problems with Indians, and how did Lincoln's mother and sister die? We used the opportunity to look up the answers to their questions together (Mother - poisoned milk; sister - childbirth)I recommend this for early elementary and up -- it is a great read as a family and a good chapter book for growing readers.I especially like the Lincoln book because adventure books and moral books for boys are VERY hard to find, and this met my standards.

  •     This was a good book about Lincoln's childhood. My 10 year old son read it - couldn't put it down - over the course of a few days (and it's 200 pages) so I was impressed with that. However, at one point he came to me crying and was traumatized by something he had read. It tells how one day some other boys were torturing a mud turtle - they broke it's back and Lincoln scolded them. It got into some pretty graphic details about how the turtle was quivering and jerking with the broken back and the boys were all standing around it laughing. I thought it would give him nightmares. He loves animals so much he doesn't even like it when I swat a fly so this was tough for him to digest. I tried to smooth it over by telling him that maybe it would save a lot of other turtles and animals around the world if other kids read about it and knew better. That seemed to help a little. I'm not sure why they had to put the graphic details in there, but that's the only part I would be leery of having a young, sensitive child read. Other than that, it was good.My son now wants to read the one on George Washington since it tells in the book how Abraham Lincoln was so inspired by reading a story of George Washington. It did inspire my son to want to read more and be a better person who does great things.Speaking of doing great things, let me recommend another good book for pre-teens and teenagers "Do Hard Things" by the Harris twins. There are very minimal issues in the book - one spot talks about a girl in high school who was pregnant and no other girls would sit with her at lunch - but I'm reading that with my 10 and 13 year old boys and it's helping them use their teen years to the max and do hard / great things as a teen to build a foundation for the rest of their life.Tracy Parish, CPRW / Website is: TrendSettingResumes"We've built a better mousetrap that helps our clients catch better-paying jobs! We do things on resumes and LinkedIn profiles that nobody else on the planet is doing and our clients get 99% response rates - many are able to skip an entire rung on the career ladder! But we also realize that nowadays every job is temporary, so we also help people develop income security in a world where there is no job security - allowing them to make all ends meet from home!" Call: 1-888-522-6121 for more information------------------------I do 3 things. First, I've built a better "mousetrap" so to speak, that helps people catch better-paying jobs. I'm doing things on resumes that nobody on the planet is doing and my clients are getting 90% response rates. (Clients in all 50 states and over 50 countries). Second, I show people how to make all ends meet from home (so their "better-paying job" might actually end up becoming optional). And third, I help people enhance their lives in other aspects... from physical to spiritual.If you'd like a FREE, no-pressure, value-packed "Life Enhancement" overview to examine any or all of these options, there's no-risk, no investment, and many of the services are free or low-cost. I'd be glad to set an appointment and share the details with you over a cup of coffee. Call Toll Free: 888-522-6121. Or visit:[...] (For "Wow-Factor" Resumes)[...] (For a FREE Resume Sample)[...] (For a stunning solution you won't want to miss!)FREE OVERVIEW OF ALL SERVICES AVAILABLE ON REQUEST------------------------

  •     I chose to read Abraham Lincoln the Great Emancipator because I've always liked Abraham Lincoln. I learned from this book that if you respect everyone, they will respect you back their whole life.It starts off mostly with his five year old self, his younger sister Sarah, his father Thomas Lincoln, and his mother in Kentucky along a small creek. He had to walk a long way to school, two miles there and two back. Not long after he started school he was up there with the older kids. Then they made a big move to Indiana where Abe's mother died. He was very upset until Mr. Lincoln came back with a new mother. She had three kids of her own and brought a great amount of supplies. She forces Mr. Lincoln into getting Abe in school. He was a great speaker and he read books so many times that he could tell stories cover to cover. Outside of school, Abe was a great help in the fields. In addition to that he would do anything to help anything God made. They, once again, had to move and headed off for Illinois. Abe was now 21 and it was time to move out and make it on his own. This is when his high amount of respect paid off. Many people had some great things to say about Abe, which probably gave a high amount of votes.I highly recommend this book as a great way to get to know more about Abraham Lincoln.

  •     Child is not a big reader, and just transitioning to chapter books. He really did not expect to love a non-fiction book about a president, but he did. It spurred a lot of conversations about Lincoln when he was young and made this iconic figure seem very real and relatable to my young boy. We used this as part of a homeschooling project and it turned out to be a great buy.

  •     I bought it for my grandkids, I hope they liked it

  •     My mom was always encouraging me to read biograhies. One day, my mom sat me on a chair and forced me to read at least one chapter. I didn't think I would like it, but I loved it! Tons of info on Abe Lincoln! Some conversations were added to make it more interesting, but most of it was true. I am reading tons of bios from the same series (the Childhood of Famous Americans series). I would encouage everyone to read this book and other books of the series!

  •     My son chose this book for a school book report. The kids have enjoyed learning about the childhood of famous people, how their childhoods shaped who they became.


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