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The Jonas Brothers (Snap Books: Star Biographies)

Press: Capstone Press (January 1, 2010)
Author Name:Besel, Jennifer M.


With hit songs like SOS and Burning Up, the Jonas Brothers have taken the music world by storm. 
But real life brothers Kevin, Joe, and Nick didn t stop there.
They ve also become successful movie stars and TV actors.
Learn more about this talented trio."


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  •     The Jonas Brothers isn't just a ban name. Kevin, Joe and Nick are really brothers. Their parents Kevin Sr. and Denise Jonas have always made sure that family comes first. When the brothers were younger Kevin Sr. traveled the country as a minister and songwriter. The family went with him. Paul Kevin Jonas II, known as Kevin was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, on November 5,1987. One day he was feeling homesick, he found a beginning guitar book and started teaching himself to play. From that moment on he was hooked. Two years later on August 15,1989 his brother Joseph Adam Jonas was born in Casa Grande, Arizona. Growing up Joe was very shy but came out of his shell when he decided to become a comedian. The family was living in Dallas, Texas when Nicholas Jerry Jonas was born on September 16,1992. Nick was born with perfect pitch and loves singing and making music. He also inherited his fathers talent for writing songs. His passion for music eventually led to the Jonas Brother's success. Frankie, the youngest, was born September 28,2000. Frankie also has music in his blood but did not join the Jonas Brother's early because he was to young.The brothers started appearing in LEGO's, Clorox and Burger King commercials. Nick landed roles in Broadway plays. As Nick's career began to take off Joe became more interested in music. He joined Broadway by singing in the opera La Boheme. In November 2005 Nick received news that changed his life forever. At the age of 13, Nick was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.Today Kevin, Joe and Nick draw screaming fans where ever they go. They joined the Disney Corporation and in August 2007 they performed during a Hannah Montana show. After that performance the boys popularity exploded. What happens next only time will tell.The cover and the pictures are very nice. At the end of the book there is a glossary, other books about them that you can read. My kids like the Jonas Brothers hence why i got the book to read with them. It was very informative. This would be a good book for a book report on the Jonas Brothers.


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