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Louis Pasteur: Founder of Microbiology (Mission: Science Biographies)

Press: Compass Point Books (September 1, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-9
Author Name:Zamosky, Lisa


French scientist Louis Pasteur, often called the founder of modern medicine, has been credited with many discoveries. 
One of the most important was the discovery in the 1800s that tiny organisms called germs spread disease.
His scientific work helped save millions of lives.
For more information on germs and other simple organisms, read Investigating Simple Organisms, another book in the Mission: Science series.


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  •     This is an excellent book for young readers. It was written by Lisa Zamosky, and published by Mission: Science, Science Contributor Sally Ride Science and two science consultants: Thomas R. Ciccone and Ronald Edwards. In my day, it would be a fourth grade book, but today I would recommend it to any elementary or High School student, that you want to inspire to love science. It's brief, has nice color pictures, and an easy read. I envision this as a short synopsis and a jump onto other Juvenile Pasteur biographies, that you can find from the 1950-60's. The problem teachers are having is that the students can't read, this book should help. It is only 40 pages long.


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