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Snyder: The Pig's Tale

Press: Counterbalance Books (December 15, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-12
Author Name:Nilsen, Morten/ Osenchakov, Yuri (ILT)


If pigs could fly, would they recite limericks on street corners? There is, of course, no evidence that Snyder could fly-or even wanted to. 
From the time he learned to speak English, he wanted only to make poems .
and to survive in a world that thought of him as dinner.
Snyder: The Pig's Tale is the story of the poet's "childhood," his harrowing escape from the farm, and his early career as a performance poet in Seattle's Pike Place Market.
"As a parent of two children with very active imaginations, as a teacher of both high school and university students, and as a writer of philosophical fiction myself, I have always made basic demands upon the children's books that I give and/or read to my kids: Whether serious or light, a book has to be interesting and attention holding, and I must enjoy it as much as my children.
The story it tells should have a friendly feeling to it, whether funny or sad.
Finally, a good book must provide something to think about, once the pages have been turned and the covers closed.
Snyder: The Pig's Tale is exceptional on all counts! This story of a young pig who escapes becoming sausages and pork chops, and goes on to become a poet and street performer with an amazing collection of young human friends is a wonderful read, and leaves me wanting to know more!" Walter Benesch, Professor of Philosophy, University of Alaska Fairbanks "Snyder: The Pig's Tale is the beginning of a journey through life's complexities- danger, friendship, identity, prejudice, risk, family and survival.
It is an intriguing children's book that youth and adults will enjoy as well.
Snyder is one lucky, talented, interesting pig! His next adventures with humans and the spoken word promise to be compelling." Eddie Bell, Poet and Educator, Author of Capt's Dreaming Chair and Eddie Bell: En Français "Snyder: The Pig's Tale was a delight to read, and a colorful snapshot of the free-spirited folks that people our beloved Pike Street Market.
To me, the story seemed like a Valentine with some hard and thoughtful edges." Lani Jacobsen, Publisher, 74th Street Productions


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  •     "Snyder: The Pig's Tale" by Morten Nilsen is one of the best children's books I ever read, and not only children's. It's wise, very culturally rich, and fantastically kind. Congratulations!


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