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Sam Houston (First Biographies - Presidents and Leaders)

Press:Capstone Press(MN) Capstone Press (January 1, 2004)
Publication Date:2004-01
Author Name:Lisa Trumbauer


Text and pictures introduce the biography of Sam Houston, who served as governor of Texas after helping fight for the region's independence from Mexico.


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  •     I'd give it five stars if they would price it reasonably. However, at the current list price of $5.95 I believe that you will be extremely disappointed with your purchase.Amazon lists this as a reader ages 4-8 and a reviewer states that they purchased this for their 6th grade reading classroom and found it "excellent" for skill building. I purchased this book based on that information for my 3rd grader (age 8) and found it a complete waste of my book budget. The book consists of just short statements of facts. I quote from page 11 for an example of the entire work, "In 1818, Sam began working as a lawyer. He was elected to Congress in 1823. In 1827, Sam became governor of Tennessee." That would be the entire page of text and representative of the 8 other pages of text in the 24 page book. There is nothing to tie together the information presented.Important things to know:On the back cover of the book it states Pre-K 2 and Reading Level 1. For skill building, if you are studying sentences that are statements of facts this would be a good choice. (If you want to pay $5.95 for it...)On the publisher page it states that, "early readers may need assistance to read some words and to use the Table of Contents..." It is clearly intended for the "early reader" as they are referenced several times on the publisher page.This work if 24 pages: the inside cover page; the publisher info page; 9 pages are text; 9 are illustrations, portraits or pictures; 1 table of contents page; 1 glossary; 1 read more; and, 1 index page. There is a timeline that runs along the bottom of the pages.Word count: 248If Capstone Press would price their First Biographies at a more reasonable point I would purchase them for my K and 1st students. I think the timeline is nice, the photographs are well chosen and helpful for building greater understanding of the text. However, to price them at the same point as the extremely well done Sterling Biographies (at approx. 125 pages)...well, it is simply beyond understanding.Buy at your own risk...

  •     I bought this to use in my 6th grade reading classroom. It is excellent to use to teach reading skills such as main idea, author's purpose, or summarizing. I put it in a center and students have 10 minutes to use the book for an assignment. Since it is at a lower reading level, students have success in building skills to use in higher level texts.


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