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Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein

Author Name:Delano, Marfe Ferguson


On the 100th anniversary of the publishing of the special theory of relativity, this National Geographic photobiography chronicles the life of one of the most brilliant scientists who ever lived. 
Through compelling text and stirring archival photographs, the author recounts Einstein's life from his privileged childhood in Austria through the crucial years during World War II, and his death 50 years ago in Princeton, New Jersey.
Young readers learn about Einstein's remarkable theories that still influence technologies of today and discover the causes he passionately supported such as disarmament and civil liberties.

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*Starred Review*  Gr. 
There are plenty of books about Einstein, but this one combines a solid text with a particularly attractive format.
Delano moves briskly through Einstein's life, clearing up misconceptions along the way (he was not a bad student as some have claimed).
She does not delve too deeply into his relationships or motives, but she brings him to life so that readers come to care about Einstein as a person, not simply see him as a genius.
Delano offers just enough information about Einstein's theories to give a sense of his work, keeping in mind that his ideas go over the heads of most people.
What is particularly impressive, however, is the format.
Oversize and filled with well-selected photographs, the book is very handsome.
Many of the photos and quotes are placed against aged-looking paper, with Einstein's writings and formulas just visible on its surface.
The background color meshes perfectly with the sepia tone of many of the photos.
Quotes are sourced, and appended material includes a chronology and list of resources.
Because this year marks the 100th anniversary of the theory of relativity, we'll see many books about Einstein.
This one is sure to be among the best.
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"While the myriad photographs are fascinating, the bigger draw here is the wonderfully simple explanations of some of Einstein's theories...This entertaining effort displays clarity and intelligence. 
It has plenty of information for reports and is also a good choice for browsing."—starred review, School Library Journal"There are plenty of books about Einstein, but this one combines a solid text with a particularly attractive format."—starred review, Booklist

--This text refers to the Paperback edition.


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  •     Genius, was an excellent biography of Albert Einstein, talking all about his life. Starting from when he was born, the book takes the reader on a journey, through his schooling, his research, coming to America, all the way till his death. The book also explains his major scientific discoveries, like his theory of relativity winning him the Nobel Prize, and the unified field theory he tried to figure out. This book has a lot of information, but is a very quick read. Overall, it is a great book.

  •     Great Product

  •     I ordered this book for my mentally challenged son, hoping it would be simple enough for him to grasp, and it fulfilled my hopes very well. It's simple, yet comprehensive, and the photographs are superb.


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