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Darwin and Evolution for Kids: His Life and Ideas, With 21 Activities

Author Name:Lawson, Kristan


A biography of the English naturalist who, after collecting plants and animals from around the world, postulated the theory of evolution by natural selection.


"An excellent resource." —Children's Literature

About the Author

Kristan Lawson is the author of California Babylon, Weird Europe, and The Rules of Speed Chess.


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  •     I confess that at the age of 44 I read and was spellbound by Kristan Lawson's book. My wife a museum educator came home with this book. She said, "Look at this book I ordered; what do you think?"I'm have a minor in biology, so was familiar with Darwin and his theories, but never read anything by him or knew in detail anything about his life. I started flipping through the book and was instantly hooked. I read it in two sittings and must say it is well written entertaining and filled in many gaps in my knowledge of Darwin, his life, and the impact he had on the world.Some things which intrigued me:1. He was a miserable student in college2. He wrote many books on many subjects3. He spent 8 years studying and writing about barnacles!4. He wrote the first book on carnivorous plants.5. His last and most popular book was on the lowly earthworm, which European gardeners snapped up!6. Finally, he was a very shy and timid man who hated publicity and would not debate his ideas in public.This is a great read for anyone who knows a little about Darwin, but does not have a complete picture of who he was. A pure pleasure of a read!

  •     Great book! -- good for kids and also for this adult, a geoscience graduate. Buy it -- read it -- learn from it!

  •     I was more looking for great activities for my classroom but most of this book is a history of Charles Darwin and his life's work with random activities dispersed throughout.

  •     we enjoyd the book. it covers all topics and gives a good pictures of the person, theory and person.

  •     Lawson's book Darwin and Evolution for Kids is engagingly written and nicely presented. It has won some very positive reviews and NSTA-CBC endorsement.

  •     wasted opportunity

  •     Very informative for children. This should be in every home as it will enable your children to be thinkers not sheep!

  •     Came quickly, just as described.

  •     I spent the last 2 months pouring through this book with my 12-year old, off and on, and sometimes spending an hour on an entire page.

  •     Very informative, thorough and well-written. I enjoyed reviewing the science I had not studied since high school (maybe college). Not for little kids, though.

  •     My daughter needed to do a report on Darwin (5th grade) and this was our favorite resource. The information is readable for a kid, but not dumbed down, tough balance to strike. She was able to proficiently explain the theory of evolution and create a timeline for Darwin's scientific career. Good stuff, we like it!

  •     I was absolutely floored by how good this book was as both a biography and also an introduction to the basic arguments, counterarguments, challenges, and triumphs of the theory of evolution. Every major objection is touched on: half a wing, the divine watchmaker, the "lack" of transitional forms, "blending" of mutations back into the wild type. The book even covers the Scopes trial, the modern synthesis, and the issue of Social Darwinism. And the story of Darwin himself is compellingly and fairly told. The theory itself is explained in straightforward terms that are easily understood, and the objections are dealt with intellgently and rationally.Bravo, Kristan Lawson. This book is a tour de force of clear explanation and fascinating character study.

  •     This is an outstanding book for children, and adults as well. This wonderfully laid out science book, succinctly addresses the "when, where, why, and how" life on this planet began. By encouraging readers to define the difference between theories and beliefs, facts and opinions, "Darwin and Evolution for Kids" addresses religiously inspired debates with fact and eloquently and tells the story of evolution.

  •     If you are looking for a book to give your child a foundation in evolution for future science study, there are better options available. I caution any fellow parents against this book.We can be certain the author is not a scientist, for she fails to address a very important basis for all scientific theories. In our culture the word "theory" means "idea." However, in science, a theory is not an idea at all. In scientific research, for an hypothesis to reach designation as a theory, it must undergo rigorous, multi-step tests that prove many facts to be true. All "theories" in science have been tested to prove hundreds and even thousands of supportive facts. Gravitational Theory is not an "idea." Rather, we know it to be true. Evolution has thousands of supportive facts that no scientist has been able to disprove over the course of 150 years.The book does not explain modern genetics' entire basis in Evolution. You cannot understand genetics without accepting Darwin's theory of evolution. There are no descriptions of inheritance, mutation, or the types of selection. Without these fundamentals, a book about evolution (even geared toward kids) is inadequate.A better choice for your kids is probably here:by Daniel Loxton (Author, Illustrator)Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to BeAlso, there are some amazing NOVA programs available:NOVA - OriginsThe following is actually a documentary on the Dover School Board controversy. It is very thorough in its explanation of how/why Intelligent Design is not science and how the idea of irreducible complexity fails in scientific testing. This is explained through the details of testimony from the 2005 Supreme Court hearings.Judgment Day - Intelligent Design on TrialDarwin and Evolution for Kids may still be a great choice for you. This selection is appropriate for religious parents and homeschoolers who want their children to remain in the dark (or at least in the shadows) and see Darwin as "What a strange man!" and the man who "married his cousin." Much of the wording has no place in a book on science, and does not help children make a truly educated analysis. One of the other reviews is very helpful in pointing out the book's inaccuracies.Whether you embrace Evolution or not, I wish your child only the BEST in his or her science education!

  •     This book is a pleasure to read with our 8yr old son. We haven't completed it as of yet, but it's one of our favorites. The activies are fun for the whole family to take part in. We are a homeschooling family and wanted our son to learn about evolution, and this book does it.

  •     I found this book at the Darwin Exhibit at the American Natural History Museum in New York. It really tells three stories: the life of Charles Darwin, the state of science in his lifetime and all the scientists who were formulating supporting evidence, and the theory of evolution. It treats the subject of religion respectfully, but makes clear the difference between religious faith and science theory. I plan to give it to our elementary and middle school libraries. Every library should have one.

  •     Explains very well, but like all things still needs a good navigator to help with questions and examples


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