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Whaam! The Art and Life of Roy Lichtenstein

Press: Harry N. Abrams; 1 edition (October 1, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-10
Author Name:Rubin, Susan Goldman


The life of the great Pop Art painter Roy Lichtenstein, illustrated with his most famous artworks. In the newest of Abrams’ award-winning line of picture book biographies of artists, Susan Goldman Rubin evocatively explores Roy Lichtenstein’s work and life and his groundbreaking influence on the art world. 
In Roy’s long career as a teacher, artist, and innovator, he changed the way that people thought about art and how artists thought about their subjects, challenging people to see familiar sights with new eyes. Classically trained in painting and drawing, Roy found inspiration from cartoons, newspaper comics, and children’s books—images most people didn’t consider “serious” art.
He also chose to paint, in meticulous detail, the building blocks of painting—a single brushstroke or the back of a canvas—drawing attention to the way that artists use these tools.
Roy and the other Pop Artists, including Andy Warhol, broke down the rules about what makes proper subjects for fine art.
In over a thousand paintings and numerous other works, Roy brought familiar images into new light and captured the imagination of the world.
The book includes a bibliography, an index, and a list of museums where you can see Lichtenstein’s work.

From Booklist

As in her Andy Warhol: Pop Art Painter (2006), Rubin presents an overview of a modern master with clear writing and an abundance of his eye-popping works, all framed on pages that mirror the artist’s signature use of primary colors and Benday dots. 
She begins with Lichtenstein’s early career as a middling expressionist, secretly making paintings based on comic books and advertising.
She then details his techniques and explains that while his works might look mass-produced—like Warhol’s—Lichtenstein remained true to his painterly roots, painstakingly applying the dots and heavy lines to actual canvas.
Nearly all of the works discussed are reproduced here, some accompanied by the comic panels that inspired them.
While the book does inexplicitly maintain the distinction between “fine” art and “comic” art—Lichtenstein’s work being an example of the former for commenting on the latter—some readers, particularly graphic novel aficionados, may disagree.
This well-sourced introduction to an artist with obvious kid appeal is ideal to open the floor to questions about the boundary between art and imitation.
Grades 4-7.
--Ian Chipman

About the Author

Susan Goldman Rubin has written a number of books for young readers, including Andy Warhol: Pop Art Painter; L’Chaim! To Jewish Life in America; Searching for Anne Frank; Margaret Bourke-White, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults; and Steven Spielberg: Crazy for Movies, named one of the New York Public Library’s Best Books for the Teen Age. 
She lives in Malibu, California.


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  •     Gave this to my recent college grad daughter as her all-important house-warming new apartment coffee table book. She loves it and so do I. Iconic art and just even sitting on her table, does much to enliven her apartment!

  •     Great condition

  •     I bought this book as a reference material for 5th graders when I was teaching a Pop Art lesson in each art and computer. I love the quality of the images and the information it provided for my students. The book is about 12" x 12" for the images are nice and big with lots of detail. I would recommend this book to anyone.

  •     Perfect gift for my cousin, bright fun book to look at. Some of Lichtenstein isn't appropriate for young kids so this is a great intro book.

  •     no enough pictures exept front cover.

  •     I gave this book as a Christmas present but I have not heard back from the person I gave it to. Can I let you know later when I have more information?

  •     The reproductions of Lichtenstein's cartoon/comic-inspired art works are the immediate draw of this book for many youngsters, but the extensively researched text also provides...

  •     This was purchased as a gift and the recipient was over the moon!

  •     Lacking in content. Weak but it's Lichtenstein, so the images are nice. Could have been less pedestrian.

  •     ty

  •     I looked at several Lichtenstein books before deciding on this one. I didn't realize that this was a children's book though! It would have helped to know that before purchasing it. However, the book itself was informative and the pictures were great.

  •     Written simply enough for a child, but very enjoyable for an adult. Great pictures help you visualize the nuances of his artwork in detail enabling the budding artist to copy and develop the techniques and style of this master through studying the beautiful photos of his artwork.

  •     good

  •     This was an informative and entertaining look into the life and evolving work of Roy Lichtenstein. One of my favorite parts was when Roy’s son David came home from school and...


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