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Muhammad Ali: Champion of the World

Press: Schwartz & Wade (January 8, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-1
Author Name:Winter, Jonah/ Roca, Francois (ILT)


In the history of legendary boxers, there was Joe Louis and Sonny Liston . 
and then, “the heavens opened up, and there appeared a great man descending on a cloud, jump-roping into the Kingdom of Boxing.
And he was called Cassius Clay.” Clay let everyone know that he was the greatest boxer in the world.
He converted to the Nation of Islam, refused to be drafted into a war in which he didn’t believe, and boxed his way back to the top after being stripped of his title.
The man that came to be known as Muhammad Ali was heard in a voice no one will ever forget.


Starred review, Kirkus Reviews, December 1, 2007:"Biblical syntax and cadences lift The Greatest from sports legend to prophet in this remarkable homage."Starred review, Booklist, February 2, 2007:“All of Ali’s considerable charisma is vividly captured by Roca’s oil paintings.”

About the Author

Jonah Winter is the author of many acclaimed picture books, including Dizzy, about Dizzy Gillespie; Diego, a biography of Diego Rivera; Frida, about artist Fried Kahlo, which was a Parents’ Choice Gold Medal winner; and The 39 Apartments of Ludwig Van Beethoven. 
He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.François Roca is the illustrator of several books, including Twenty-OneElephants and Still Standing by April Prince Jones.
He lives in Paris.


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  •     Ages 4-8 will appreciate Jonah Winter & Francois Roca's story Muhammed Ali: Champion of the World, of boxer Muhammed Ali, who was more than a boxer, symbolizing Muslim rights and his people's efforts to succeed. This biography highlights his life using large-sized, vivid lettering to capture the drama of his life and boxing style.

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  •     My seven year old loved this book because it has really good pictures and a fantastic message: work hard and never give up.

  •     He held his hands up in victory and appeared to shout in triumph while the Great White Hope was sprawled out in the boxing ring. Jack Johnson, "the first black king in the Kingdom of Boxing" was a winner, but people hated him for his pride and the color of his skin so he disappeared. Then there was Joe Louis, "The Brown Bomber." Children would gather round his poster imitating the stance of this proud champion. Many years later another generation of children pretended to be like the new king of boxing, Sonny Liston. Now he was able to knock a man out in the first round, but God asked, "IS THAT ALL THERE IS TO A BOXER?" Perhaps there was another king of boxing just waiting to enter the scene.Yes, there was another proud young man who, when "the heavens opened up," would stun the world with not only his boxing ability, but his boldness and pride. A young Cassius Clay claimed that he would be "THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME." He was a talker, who would take a microphone, point his finger straight at a camera and boast of his future victories. He won the Olympic gold medal and boldly stepped up and told the world they would remember him. He would take on Sonny, but people were saying he was full of hot air. In return he would say things like, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, you can't hit what you can't see." POW, POW, POW! Was Cassius Clay going to become all he said he would be?No book will ever capture the amazing spirit of Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali, but this book comes fairly close to it. Many of his sayings are printed in oversize bold print, emphasizing and attempting to recreate his bravado. The paintings are absolutely gorgeous and manage to step back in time and grab him in his prime. They even get that determined look in his eyes perfectly. This is a book that will be introduced to a generation of children who may never have heard of him, but any parent or grandparent will have fond memories of the great Muhammad who really did seem to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!


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