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Draw Ocean Animals

Press:F & W Pubns Inc Peel Productions; 1st edition (1994)
Publication Date:2000-9
Author Name:DuBosque, Doug


PLEASE NOTE: this book now joins three others in a single volume: Draw Animals. 
Get more for less! -- a wonderful gift for the budding artist you know.
Including yourself ;-) Cut and paste this link: createspace.com/5874005 (We can't post a live link here.)Watching ocean animals, and learning about them, creates a sense of delight and awe.
Watch how they move, how they hunt, how they hide! Wouldn't it be great to catch some of that excitement on your own drawings?This book shows you how, with step-by-step instructions.
You'll be surprised how easy it is to draw, without tracing, a wide range of ocean animals.Grab a pencil and let's get started!


 The drawings are easy to do, and DuBosque offers lots of tips to make the end products look great. 
I especially like the drawing tips section at the end of each title.
He also reminds the kids to save their work in a portfolio (that he provides the directions to make!).
I highly recommend this title.
I, who am not particularly gifted artistically , could create a pretty good ocean animal by following the instructions. 


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     My boys (7 and 10) Love the water and Love to draw so this was a hit! Lots of options to choose from. Steps are easy to follow.

  •     My 9 year old has really been enjoying this book!

  •     Living in Florida, surrounded by water, my students of all ages love this book.

  •     Great for kids with a desire to learn how to draw. Great instruction and simple illustration.

  •     Very clear basic steps to help young budding artist to be successful.

  •     cool

  •     My 8 year old grandson adores this drawing book

  •     Great for both my 6 & 8 year olds to learn how to draw sharks. They are very pleased!

  •     I have purchased many of the "How to Draw" genre of books as an elementary art teacher looking to stimulate my students and enhance the lessons I teach. I am always looking for books that can work for younger students but do not simplify the object so much as to be unrealistic and cartoon-like. I was very pleased with this book in particular. It has everything I want in this type of book. It simplifies to basic geometric shapes enough to allow almost anyone to achieve good realistic results. It is also very comprehensive in that it really does cover a large number of ocean animals. It also includes drawing tips on contours, shading and patterns which many of these books do not offer. These would allow a student to go farther and discover more aspects to drawing than blind copying. I highly recommend this book.

  •     It is fun to draw these great sea creature Doug's way as well as Mark's way! If you love the water and you love drawing, this is for you!

  •     My 9 year old loves it

  •     This is a great book, many sea animals made easy to draw. It is great for both children and adults as well. I bought this book for myself. I'm a marine life artist and sometimes I have trouble sketching in my animal subjects onto the canvas. Getting the shape anatomically correct can be tricky, and this book really helps me. I have learned how to draw a certain few sea animals better than I could before...thanks to this book! It makes drawing very easy! There are a few animals that I felt could be more realistic. I think the author made it that way to entertain children. For adults, you may need to modify them for realism. Anyway, there are a few tips of the trade that do come in handy for me. I do recommend this book. It is good.

  •     My seven year old loves these how to draw books, and wanted one for ocean animals. This is great; he will sit for hours drawing out of this book and the rainforest animals book. I love to see him creating instead of sitting in front of a computer or tv screen. Great purchase!

  •     These are the best series of kids drawing books. My kids will spend hours with them. I think we have almost all of them now. Awesome books!

  •     Great direction and super easy to understand !


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