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Henry and Pawl and the Round Yellow Ball

Press:Dial Dial (March 17, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-03-17
Author Name:Mary GrandPre,Tom Casmer


When Henry gets a gleaming new art kit, he's sure the spiffy paints and  pencils will make him a great artist. 
But when his pictures don't turn out the way he thinks they should, his search for something grander to paint leads him to discover what every true artist must: that art is an expression of whatever is most meaningful to those who create it.
And for Henry, artistic inspiration is a loyal pal who wags a tail! Mary GrandPrŽ and Tom Casmer offer a warm-hearted story of how kids can find the fire of creative expression within themselves and their everyday lives.

About the Author

Mary GrandPrŽ created the illustrations for the famed Harry  Potter series.


Children's Books,Arts, Music & Photography,Art,Animals,Dogs

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  •     I purchased this book for my 21 month old grandson and it quickly became a favorite to be read and reread. Henry is a budding young artist and Pawl is his dog whooves his yellow ball. When Pawl's ball is lost, Henry uses his artistic ability to help his best pal get it back. The art work in this book is wonderful, too!

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