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Katie's Sunday Afternoon

Press:Scholastic Orchard (March 1, 2005)
Author Name:Mayhew, James


Exploring art is fun in Mayhew's fourth book about a little girl who jumps into paintings. 
Children will come away with a deeper appreciation for fine art, as they join in Katie's museum romp.It's a Sunday afternoon, and Katie is bored.
But Grandma knows just what will cheer her up -- a visit to the art museum.
There, Katie once again finds herself on an unbelievable adventure through the paintings of renowned post-impressionist painters Georges-Pierre Seurat, Camille Pissarro, and Paul Signac.
Children will enjoy learning about art, as they join in on Katie's exciting journey.

From Booklist

One summer day, Katie and her grandmother head for the art museum, but the gallery is uncomfortably warm.
When Katie spies Georges Seurat's Bathers at Asnieres, the painting is so vivid that she can almost feel the breeze and hear the river, "so she climb[s] over the frame and inside the picture." As Grandma snoozes, Katie dons her swimsuit and splashes into the river.
When water starts pouring out of the painting into the gallery, the dual realities merge quite--fluidly.
Katie (and Jacques from Bathers) jump in and out of famous pointillist paintings until they have to borrow a boat from Seurat's Port of Honfleur.
In the end, the magician from Paul Signac's Portrait of Felix Feneon restores order just as the guard comes around the bend.
The watercolor artwork is in a simple impressionistic style.
A note about the pointillists Georges Seurat, Paul Signac, and Camille Pissarro closes another of Mayhew's playful, imaginative celebrations of the happy fusion of life and art.
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  •     This book takes the reader on a journey through a young girls imagination and provides a unique exposure for young children in art appreciation. The end of each book provides information on the artist, materials used to create the art form and the location of the painting. Both of my daughters, age two and five, really enjoyed reading the collection of Katie's adventures. I would recommend buying the hardcover books for long lasting use, because you will be reading it again and again!

  •     A relative gave this book to my daughter and we enjoy it very much. We spend a good amount of time visiting museums. My little girl always has fun looking at the paintings and imagining being able to jump inside, like Katie! The entire series is an excellent intro to art and museum visits. Though I will say, it should be stressed to a younger child that you can't actually touch the paintings, it is certainly fun to enter Katie's art world.

  •     We love the Katie books, a great way to introduce your child to art masterpieces while having an adventure in the story!

  •     A wonderful story that your 5 year old will love! A fun and engaging story that introduces your child to art (pointillism, in this case).

  •     I read this with my 6 year old. We checked out a book about Seurat at the same time so I could show her the actual paintings. She giggled as we read. It was fun for the art to come alive.

  •     This book does an excellent job of exposing children to Impressionism Paintings, but not to what Impressionism is, who painted what, etc. Good imagery and my Elementary students love the story.

  •     In very good cindition for being a children's library book!

  •     Katie and her grandmother are looking for an activity to enjoy together on a hot summer afternoon. They try the pool but it's full. They decide to go to the art gallery that is near by. Katie's grandmother sits down to rest and Katie goes off to explore the various painting. Her imagination takes her right into the paintings she's looking at. Join Katie as she explores the paintings and find a neat way to cool off!We enjoyed looking at the art work features in the book. We learned a lot about Pointillist from the section in the back of the book. It was cool to know that the art work was done entirely in dots!Yes We found out that this is part of a series. The entire series is an excellent intro to art and museum visits.

  •     My two-year-old daughter Katie cannot get enough of this book. It comes with us wherever we go, we read it day and night, and she has been wearing her bathing suit for three weeks now because she wants to be 'just like Katie.' There is something extremely magical about this book! Also, I like this story better than some of the others -- Katie is less of a rascal in this one.


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