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Hats, Hats, Hats

Press:Harpercollins Childrens Books HarperCollins; 1 edition (April 20, 1989)
Publication Date:1989-4
Author Name:Morris, Ann


A hat can say a lot about what people do, about where they live, and about who they are. 
There's a lot more under a hat than just a head! Dazzling photographs combine with a simple text to explore the world in a unique and dramatic way.Perfect for introducing other lands and people and for food, clothing, and shelter units.


"Engaging, well-composed color photos from all the inhabited continents celebrate the diversity of the world's people."--" Kirkus (pointer)

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About the Author

Ann Morris's many books include Families, Bread Bread Bread, Hats Hats Hats, On the Go, and Loving. 
She lives in New York City.
As a children's book writer, Ann Morris has been able to successfully integrate her varied experiences in teaching young children, travel, writing, and editing.
Having grown up in the polyglot public schools of New York City, where each child's ethnic heritage was revealed by his name or by the contents of the lunch box from home filled with sausages, egg rolls, matzos, or pizza, she developed a strong Interest In cultures other than her own.
" I'm a gypsy by nature," she says.
"I always have my suitcase packed."She and photographer Ken Heyman once traveled across the United States to document the lives often different families.
Both she and the teacher's pupils liked the snake charmer/teacher who taught class in a circus trailer with her favorite boa around her neck.
Although Ms.
Morris has never tried this stunt he herself, she has taught children in public and private schools in New York City, and adults at Bank Street College, Columbia Teachers College, New York University, and Queens College of the City University of New York.
More recently she has been teaching writing for children at The New School.Ann Morris left teaching to become editorial director of Scholastic's early childhood department.
Now she devotes her professional time to writing and all her other time to 11 people watching, music in any and all Forms, cat care, cooking and eating, and travel." All of these experiences, she says, provide material for her books.In Israel Ms.
Morris was caught up in the enchantment of the place as well as the conflicts that are a consequence of its history.
One of her books, When Will They Stop Fighting? (Atheneum), reflects her concern about children who have become the victims of these conflicts.Ann Morris worked with photographer Ken Heyman while producing an award-winning series of sound-filmstrips for young children.
Since then the author-photographer team has created several books in a multicultural series for Lothrop, including Hats, Hats, Hats; Shoes, Shoes, Shoes; and Bread, Bread, Bread.
Her interest in travel and the arts brought her to the famous Vaganova, Academy, where children of the famous Kirov ballet company are instructed.
This resulted in On Their Toes (Atheneum), followed by Dancing to America (Dutton), photographed by Paul Kolnik.
The latter book is about one of the Russian children and his family who emigrated to New York, where he now participates in our own School of American Ballet.
Her book Karate Boy (Dutton) features her nephew and his friends in karate class.
She thinks of this as a "family book" in that it was photographed by her cousin, David Katzenstein.
Light the Candle Bang the Drum (Dutton), with illustrations by Peter Linenthal, is about holidays around the world.In His Own Words...
"Born in New York City in 1930, Ken Heyman first became interested in photography in high school.
Later, during his student days at Columbia College--which were interrupted by a two-year stint in the army--his skill as a photographer grew, but he still regarded photography as no more than a hobby.
Then two events in college helped to direct him toward his career in photography.
First, he sent off selections of his work to two national photo-graphy annuals and was pleased, indeed surprised, when both indicated they were eager to print his pictures--and did."But perhaps more important was his becoming a student of the distinguished anthropologist Margaret Mead.
To fulfill a term paper requirement in one of her courses, Mr.
Heyman submitted a photographic essay that interested the famous professor.
Out of this began a friendship and collaboration that continued for more than twenty years."Their first collaboration began shortly after his graduation from Columbia in 1956, when she invited him to go with her to take pictures in Bali.
Other field trips followed: some with Mead and others where he went along.
Since then, Ken Heyman has photographed in more than sixty countries.
These photographs have appeared in major exhibits and in two books co-authored with Margaret Mead: Family (1965) and World Enough (1976)."Ken Heyman has done photographic assign-ments for many magazines, including Life.
He has worked for the U.
Information Agency, photographing Alliance for Progress projects in Latin America, and for several photographic agencies, including Rapho Guillumette Agency and Magnum."Shows of Mr.
Heyman’s work have been held at the Museum of Modern Art (1963), the Hallmark Gallery (1965), the Smithsonian Institution (1965), the International Center for Photography in New York City (1976), and the Zabriskie Gallery in Paris (1995).
Ken Heyman’s work has brought him a number of awards, including “The World Understanding Award,” considered to be one of the top awards in photography.
It is given “to honor the photo-grapher whose work has contributed most to a better understanding among the world’s people.”"Ken Heyman has done many books in addition to Family and World Enough.
His recent work includes ten books for children written by Ann Morris.
The multicultural perspective in these acclaimed books reflects Heyman’s varied experience and his ability to sensitively interpret the human condition."


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Comment List (Total:10)

  •     From 1993, this book is a little dated. The world does change a bit in 20 years. Still, the photography is beautiful and it is a great way to start conversations about how there are different places in the world and the people who live there do not have the same lifestyle as the one we live.

  •     Great book, love the culture and life shown on this book. Great for kids.

  •     I read this book to my daughter last night. This book is the worst. I thought we were going to learn about hats! I'm a pretty big hat guy, and this book is a total let down.

  •     You can tell from the pictures that this book has been around for a long time, but I like the message of it. In very simple language, it communicates that hats are worn in many cultures and for many purposes. My son had a long-time obsession with hats which is why I bought this book, but he still asks for it frequently even though that phase has passed. I am a teacher and I love the multi-cultural aspect of this book. Even though we live in the city and my son sees people from all over the world, it is different seeing pictures of different communities.

  •     We all enjoy these books. My daughter is not yet two but she loves Ann Morris' entire series of books and likes to identify things in each photograph. The photos are obviously dated but I don't believe that lessens the impact of what the author and photographer are trying to do.As she grows, we'll continue to read these books, moving on from identifying simple items to talking about cultures, traditions, environments, geography, socio-economics, and etc. In the final pages of each Ann Morris book there are maps and descriptions of locations/subjectss for each page that allow readers to discuss where places are in relation to one another and what is really happening in photos versus what a young child (or adult!) might imagine is happening.I recommend these books for curious children starting at age 18 months and all the way up into the school years.

  •     She is now 20 months old and love to see all the different hats! I would recommend this book for kids of all ages. Has a great anthropological undertone as well as great pictures for the kids and good captions.

  •     great intro to hat wear around the world for little ones. The photos are wonderful; bright and big! Have an assortment of hats around for the kiddoes to try on or make some hats out of construction paper, newspaper or whatever you have on hand! Be inspired by this book!

  •     As a preschool teacher, I used this book in my 'All About Me' unit since we have several cultural groups represented in our group. We use this book again as we talk about winter and winter clothes. This a great book for a unit on cultures in addition to Ann Morris, "Families" and "Homes". We have our Children's Atlas at hand so we can quickly locate representative countries. Ann Morris books are a must for cultural awareness! highly recommend!

  •     The pictures are great for illustrating the variety of hats. Of course this book just scratches the surface but it gave my students and idea of how interesting and different hats can be.

  •     This is a wonderful book for early elementary school age children. It is multi-cultural showing hats of people from all over the globe.


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