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Da Vinci (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)

Press:Scholastic Library Pub Children's Press (March 1, 1989)
Publication Date:1989-3
Author Name:Venezia, Mike


Author/Illustrator Mike Venezia has been getting to know the world's greatest artists for as long as he can remember. 
A graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Mike believes the best way to introduce children to art and artists is through fun.
If children can look at art in a fun way, and think of artists as real people, the exciting world of art will be open to them for the rest of their lives.


"The excellent-quality reproductions do a great deal to enhance and extend the text."

About the Author

Mike Venezia is the author of several nonfiction books for children.


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  •     I homeschool and these books captivate my children. They are very colorful and use easy-to-comprehend language. They are also funny and very informative. My kids BEG me to read these all the time! I will continue to purchase Mike Venezia's educational books. I have purchased the same type of informative books from other authors that just pale in comparison. He doesn't go overboard, but gives enough facts to keep all my kids' attention (ages 4yrs-8yrs).

  •     really good series. I bought 20 of them.


  •     Yes. I bought it for my artist granddaughter. She read it and liked it. Our whole family laughed at the cartoons.

  •     Any of the artist books from Mike Venezia are not only educational but FUN! He does a great job of getting essential information to kids but in an engaging way.

  •     I love the artist books by Mike Venezia. He does a great job presenting each artist in a fun way for kids with bright and colorful pictures throughout the books.

  •     These are great biographies - filled with silly cartoons, real artwork images and an easily approachable biography that kids can relate easily with. I have found other curriculums that use these books as the "reading" source and I'm really pleased with these books. I love that my kids are learning about the works greatest artist.

  •     As an adult, I love all of Mike Venezia's books on greatest artists. All his books have enough info to get to know the artist, coupled with fun, colorful illustrations.

  •     Arrived quickly & exactly as described. Great seller & "THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!"

  •     We love this book!

  •     great book for teaching about the famous artists. my 6.5 yr. old daughter loves these for our homeschool art lessons.

  •     Mike Venezia's books on the greatest artists of all time are off the chain! He make his books more interesting for kids under 10. This one about Italian Renaissance artist Di Vinci is probably one of his famous ones. (Since Di Vinci is famous for his painting called the "Mona Lisa" 1503-1506). This book contains famous paintings (some with details) from Di Vinci including the deteriation of the tempera "The Last Supper" (1498), from the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. Each book includes back cover illustration of Venezia. His books are small steps to learn about each artist. The series also includes Venezia's comic illustrations. In high school art history, the reader will learn more detail about the artists that the author couldn't tell you (like I did).

  •     Wonderful series. I purchased many of these books for my 8 year old grand-daughter. We can learn about the artists, their lives and influences. The series also has a time-line......so you can see when the artist was alive. Any age can enjoy this series........young children to older children .......very well written with lots of examples of the artists works.

  •     Fun and educational- we read this book several times while visiting Florence Italy and Paris France before seeing some of DaVincis works. My daughter was excited to see the art after learning about the artist.

  •     "Leonardo used what he learned from nature and science to make his paintings look real", p 9The young reader will learn about Leonardo's beginnings in Vinci, the time he spent in Florence learning more about painting, his painting years in Milan and his final years of painting in France.Leonardo's depictions were noticeable more "alive" than his Renaissance contemporaries. His use of beautiful backgrounds behind the main object of attention makes this a good choice for the young. Their attention will initially be drawn to the main figure in the painting and then will be sustained by the natural settings in the background. His paintings almost appear that they are done while the person being painted in on vacation. The young will intuitively pick up on the relaxed composure of the main figuresVenezia's illustrations are humorous. His narrative is delightfully entertaining. His approach brings the artist within reach of the young. His illustration of some folks deciphering Leonardo's notes and their findings is cleverly presented.The size of the book is perfect for smaller hands. It enables the young to have art within their grasp. Venezia gives the locations of the paintings and as result if the child lives near one of the museums or will be near one on vacation, she/he would be able to see the original.This is the 4th in Venezia's "Getting to know the World's Greatest Artist" series. He also has a similar series on composers. Venezia's back cover illustration ties back to the subject. "Mike's portrait was painted by an artist who claims to be a direct descendant of ...".The price of the book is well worth paying. The book contains the following: da Vinci's Paintings (10.5), Drawings (8) and Underpainings (2), Venezia's Illustrations - 7, Others' paintings - 1.5.

  •     I often have looked for kid-oriented books about art and artists, and usually end up putting them back on the shelf. This series by Mike Venezia was a hit with me (an artist)AND my grandchildren. They're witty but not cutesy, the information in them is actually well and interestingly explained in language a child can understand, and I enjoyed reading them myself!

  •     This series would be great to introduce younger elementary-age children to the great artists. I'm thinking 1st grade level, maybe 2nd grade. They are really neat books, however a bit on the "young" side for my 4th-grader.

  •     Honest seller, item arrived as described


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